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Join the official Buildbox Discord Community

By | Buildbox

Did you know we have an official Buildbox Discord Community with over 10,000+ members? If you have any questions regarding Buildbox, game development, or design, our official Buildbox Discord server is a great place to go. We have support staff and friendly moderators on hand to help. There is also an active community of fellow no-code creators just like you, sharing advice and inspiration. You can join our …

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Discord and Buildbox

Join Us on Discord

By | Buildbox, Buildbox Notes | 9 Comments

We now have an official Discord server for Buildbox! And we’ve had over 1,000 people from the Buildbox community join us, so far. For those unfamiliar with the platform, Discord is a popular free voice and text chat app designed for gamers and communities to connect and …

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