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Plant with Care

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Plant with Care

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight pick is Plant with Care by Crevasse Studios. Built using Buildbox and designed for your mind and soul, it’s a relaxing farm-themed puzzle game that takes gardening to the next level! It’s currently ranked No. 41 in the family games category in the United States. Plant with Care has also been featured 43 times on the app store homepage since its release and ranked Top 100 in …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Railway Canyon

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Railway Canyon by Tepes Ovidiu’s Crevasse Studios. It’s a relaxing 3D puzzler that won the ‘Most Visual Impact’ category in our recent hyper-casual game jam sponsored by Kwalee. Railway Canyon also was featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section of the app store and ranked Top 100 in 42 different countries. This unique 3D puzzler has been featured globally in the arcade puzzle category, including countries like China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, and …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Vestigium

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This week’s game spotlight is Vestigium by Tepes Ovidiu from Crevasse Studios. Vestigium was made just over the course of a few months using Buildbox software and no-code! Vestigium comes from Latin, and it means footstep, vestige, or trail. It’s the perfect name for this visually mesmerizing puzzle game. “I wanted to create a …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Cessabit

By | Game Showcase | 4 Comments

This week’s game spotlight is Tepes Ovidiu’s Cessabit: A Stress Relief Game. It’s a unique puzzle game designed to calm your nerves and test your memory. Apple has already featured this new relaxing game in the ‘New Games We Love’ section and in both puzzle and trivia categories in multiple countries, including Hong Kong and the Philippines. So, let’s take a closer look at …

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