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Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Tunnel Trek VO, Kawaii Shots, Gol Chapas, and More Now Available!

By | Game Showcase

Get ready to brave the unknown in Tunnel Trek VO by FaminBoatStudio. This fun space-themed shooter takes players on a wild ride through the docking station while it’s under siege. Guide your ship and dodge the enemy’s incoming missiles and fire to attack back! It’s a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled good time! Another must-play in our Buildbox World bits roundup is Kawaii Shots by Lemon and Limes Studio. This game is …

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Buildbox World Bits Roundup

Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Halo Savior, SoGo, Gothie Games, and More

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

There are so many that we’ve decided to start highlighting some of our favorites regularly. This special roundup series highlights creators’ bits from our amazing community and hopefully inspires you to start building and sharing your Buildbox creations too! Ready to discover some new bits? Here’s our roundup of the must-play new or cool bits in Buildbox World …

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Buildbox World for Android is Here!

By | Buildbox

We’re excited to announce that the wait is finally over! Buildbox World is now available for Android! Buildbox World is your one-stop shop for creating and exploring bits. If you haven’t heard, a bit is a new term we’re using for your Buildbox World exports. Bits can be anything! The best bits are bite-sized game experiences. Export your bits from Buildbox directly to your mobile device in seconds for easy …

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