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Buildbox Classic 2.23.3 Update Includes New Generative AI Tool!

By | Buildbox

We have recently released a game-changing update to our no-code software, Buildbox Classic. This new version of our 2D game maker now includes generative AI features integrated directly within the editor. No more wasting hours designing game art or searching for asset packs to buy. With a single click, the new Buildbox AI tool allows anyone to easily create unique, high-quality characters, environments …

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Best AI Art Generators for Game Developers

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

AI art generators are growing in popularity. They are also becoming a powerful tool for game creators. AI art generators use algorithms and machine learning to generate stunning visuals in a fraction of the time it would take a human artist to create the same art quality. This technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry by allowing game developers to create beautiful, unique visuals with ease. We’ve …

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