Buildbox Classic 2.23.3 Update Includes New Generative AI Tool!

By April 19, 2023Buildbox

We have recently released a game-changing update to our no-code software, Buildbox Classic. This new version of our 2D game maker now includes generative AI features integrated directly within the editor.

With a single click, the new Buildbox AI tool allows anyone to easily create unique, high-quality characters, environments, or objects for their video game projects.

Introducing Buildbox Gen AI – ChatGPT for Games

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Simply type what you want in the prompt box to generate stunning assets within seconds. From there, drag and drop your creations onto the Creator Wheel and start building out your game – no prior coding or design skills are required. The possibilities are endless.

Advanced settings options are also available. Click on the settings icon to choose a specific aspect ratio, transparent background, or upload a reference image.

The integration of AI into Buildbox marks the beginning of a new era in game design, one that promises to unlock unprecedented creative possibilities for both professional developers and aspiring enthusiasts alike.

We can’t wait to see what you create with this new feature!

For a detailed list of changes, you can view the complete change log below:

Here’s What’s New in Buildbox Classic 2.23.3!

Introducing Gen AI
  • Currently available on paid plans
  • Integrated into Game & UI Editors
  • Can be used to create all types of assets

Updated In-App Purchase System

  • Added ability to purchase and repurchase Consumable IAPs
  • Unlocks and purchases of all types are saved to Game Data which resolves an Apple rejection complaint
  • Game data is sync’d to iCloud Keychain and Android Backup and automatically restored allowing users to continue their game across multiple devices
  • Moved Restore Purchases into its own easy-to-use button in the UI editor
  • APIs updated to latest Apple and Google requirements
  • Automatic integration of Xcode IAP Storekit Test Config
New Features
  • Control & Shift can be used to select multiple mind map or outliner objects
Fixed Issues
  • Updated and fixed Integrated Ad Networks

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support. Check back soon for more exciting updates and announcements.

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