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Hyper casual CPI Videos

Creating Successful Hyper Casual CPI Videos – How Kwalee Helped Longterm Buildbox Creator Leighton Improve His Ad Creatives

By | Buildbox, Game Marketing, Guest Post

As many of you will know, showing off your game with a great video is absolutely vital to find a big audience. Think about the last mobile game you became addicted to, and there’s a high likelihood that a video enticed you in the first place. That’s why here at Kwalee, we spend so much time thinking about how best to showcase our unique gameplay ideas in ads – …

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Kwalee’s Tips and Tricks for Creators: Advert Creatives on Facebook

By | Buildbox, Guest Post

In the world of hypercasual getting the adverts right is a huge key to success, and it’s why we have a dedicated creative team to make our ads here at Kwalee. We want to share some of our knowledge with you to help you get your ad creative right and get more people playing your games! So what makes a brilliant advert? First off, let’s get technical. In most cases, your ads are going to be watched by someone …

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