Over 2,000 Game Assets Now Available in Buildbox!

Did you know that Buildbox’s asset library now has over 2,000 game assets?

There are thousands of 2D and 3D models, UI elements, and much more available in the asset library. You can even find original game assets made by creators in our Buildbox community to use in your games. Plus, every week, new assets are added.

If you haven’t logged in for a while, definitely browse through the asset library today to see what’s new!

Below are a handful of our favorites that we think are worth checking out!

New Game Assets

Some of Our Favorite Picks



Are you looking for a fun 3D character for your next project? Try out Guilo! This textured 3D model wearing a hoodie and jeans is perfect for any skater or platformer-themed game. Just search for “Guilo.”


Another unique 3D game asset is the skateboard. It’s a skateboard, but it looks like an airport runway with wings. Type “skateboard” into the search bar to find it in the asset library.


There’s also a 3D model of a casino craps style die. It features a collision zone for each side. You can copy it to turn it into a pair of dice. Just search “casino dice.”


You can find incredible bundles in the asset library too! This dino pack has three colorful 3D dinosaurs that are ideal for any adventure game. Just type “dino pack” into the search bar to find it. 


If you’re making a racing game, there’s a new must-have car bundle with 10 different types of vehicles including police squad cars available in the asset library now too. Just search “pack car.”


For fans of the Netflix TV series called Squid Game, there’s now a cool 3D model character of the Squid Game character A1 that you can use in your next game. Just search “squid game character A1.”

Got original game assets? 

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