Over 150 New Game Assets Now Available in Buildbox

new game assets

Are you almost done with your game but still need a few key assets? Or maybe you’re just starting out and need some inspiration to help get you going?

Well, guess what?!

Over 150 brand new game assets have been added to the Buildbox Asset Library!

So, if you haven’t logged in to check them out yet, now is the time!

Here’s a Few of Our Favorite Game Assets:

Check out this cool 3D model of a hiker man that was just added to Buildbox. He would be great for any sports or outdoor themed game! Just search hiker man.

Game creators can add a dose of delicious mayhem to any racing game with this pixelated hamburger car! Just search hamburger.

There are also some really amazing 3D planes available. This biplane is just one example of the type of game assets you can now find. Just search biplane.

Items and objects are also pouring into the store. This little low poly blue potion bottle is ideal for any role-playing or platform-style game! Just search low poly blue potion.

If you want to make your game stand out, this pig-shaped vehicle is for you! Just search pig car.

Meet Tino! He is a 3D character that’s out of this world! Now in the Buildbox too! Creative game art like this is uploaded all the time. Just search Tino.

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