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By September 12, 2018Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

Have you seen Inside the Box yet?

In the new episodic style VLog series called Inside the Box, Buildbox CEO, Trey Smith shares all. With each episode, you get a glimpse into his life and the happenings at Buildbox. He also shares his best tips for making games and finding success in the App Store.

Everything from coming up with hyper-casual game ideas, the latest game trends, how to market and boost your app downloads, connecting with publishers and much more is covered in this new series.

Inside the Box is definitely a must-watch for any game developer. The show documents our start-up journey and takes you behind the scenes. You get to see how Trey runs both Buildbox and the game company while on the road working remotely. Not only do you get to learn valuable tips to help you further your game business but you’ll see him getting into some fun adventures along the way.

The Inside the Box series is also filmed in beautiful San Francisco, California. With historical sights and popular tourist attractions as the backdrop in each video, you’ll definitely be inspired!

You never know what will happen when you’re Inside the Box. So, expect plenty of fun surprises as you learn more about Trey, the team, Buildbox, and how we make games using our software.

Inside the Box 

Below are just a few of our favorite Inside the Box episodes. The entire series is available on our YouTube Channel.

In this first episode of Inside The Box, Trey talks about building hyper-casual games by yourself as a one-man band, while taking a walk around San Francisco with a pit-stop at Grace Cathedral. He also gives some solid tips on how to develop games solo.


In this cool episode of ITB, Trey takes a tour of the most expensive hotel room in San Francisco and shares four strategies that game developers should follow to get more downloads.


What’s your method for coming up with game ideas? Well in this episode, Trey explores the epic Japantown in San Francisco, plays some wild Japanese games and discusses finding inspiration in game development. He also gets the finger from a random stranger at the mall, so fun stuff!


In this episode of Inside the Box, Trey meets up with Nik at the Buildbox office. He reveals the first prototype of their upcoming game. You’ll also get an inside look at how they brainstorm gameplay concepts and add ‘glitter’ or ‘soul’ to a game.

Awesome, right?!

New episodes are posted almost daily. So, be sure to click below to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And click the bell icon to get a notification every time a new Inside the Box video is uploaded. 😉

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