New Buildbox Product Feedback Page: Have Your Say!

By September 28, 2021Buildbox
Product Feedback Page

We’ve just launched our new public Product Feedback page, so now you can always stay up to date on what’s new, what we’re currently working on, and the cool features and tools that are coming soon. You can even leave feedback and suggestions to let us know what you’d like to see next in the software!  

Ready to help shape the future of Buildbox? 

Here’s how our new Product Feedback page works:

To view the new Product Feedback page, visit and click on the Community dropdown menu to access. If you’re inside of Buildbox 3, you can locate the Product Feedback page under the Help tab, labeled ‘Request a Feature.’

Once you’re on the Product Feedback page, you’ll notice four tabs: Under Consideration, Planned, In Progress, and Launched. You can browse the ‘Under Consideration’ to know the new features and options we’re thinking about adding. In the ‘Planned’ section, you’ll gain insight into what we will be adding next. The ‘In Progress’ area shows what we’re currently working on, and the ‘Launched’ tab reveals the latest releases to help keep you up-to-date.

What features would you like from us next? Now you can let us know!  

Vote, Comment, and Submit Your Ideas:

You can click on each idea to learn more about it. There’s also a section at the bottom that enables you to cast a vote and comment on whether you feel the product or feature is nice-to-have, important, or critical. Your feedback will help us decide how to move forward and what to include or leave out in our upcoming releases.

Buildbox Product Board

At the top right hand corner of the product portal is a ‘Submit Idea’ button where you can go further into depth and tell us exactly what you’d want to see us add or improve in Buildbox.  

Submit Your Ideas

Click on the button below to have a look at what we are working on, share your feedback with us on features you would like to see in the future, and even suggest new ones that are not already listed! We’re looking forward to reading your comments and ideas on our Product Feedback page on how to make Buildbox better. 

New Product Feedback Page

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