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Buildbox 3 Tutorials

Did you know we have a new updated Buildbox 3 tutorial section?

Yes, you can now visit our website and learn all the ins and outs of the software at your own pace. The tutorial videos are divided into six categories: Features and Tools, Getting Started, Gameplay, Menus, Smart Assets, and Tips & Tricks. With these tutorials, it’s fun and super easy to start building out your 3D game. Each section is designed to teach you everything you need to know about using Buildbox 3. Currently, there are over 50 videos available to watch with more on the way. We definitely recommend checking it out.

In the first section of our new Buildbox 3 tutorial page, you’ll find 20 different videos covering all the basic features and tools in the software. You’ll learn how to use the select, rotate, move, scale, and multitools with ease. There are also tutorials on navigating in the scene editor, adding point and spotlights, aligning and randomizing scenes and much more. Although brief, each video explains in-depth what the tool or feature does and an example of how it can be used in your own game creation. 

Features & Tools 

Buildbox 3 TutorialsGetting Started

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to get started making your first few games in Buildbox 3. In the ‘Getting Started’ section, you’ll find full game development tutorials led by Zack Griset. You can watch and follow along as Zack walks you through all the steps to make a simple game. Then in the Build Your Own Game series, he walks through a six-part tutorial on creating a complex 3D game. There are even a few bonus videos with tips on how to add polish and finishing touches. And if you’re interested in making a hyper-casual game like Voodoo, it’s a three-part tutorial on that too. 

Smart Assets & More 

In the Gameplay and Menu sections, you’ll learn how to create jump tower-style games, UI menu, and use the animator editor. There’s also Smart Assets and a Tips and Tricks category. In the Smart Assets section, you’ll learn how to add them to your game. You’re also learn different ways to use them to build out levels and much more. 

For design and game art help, the Tips and Tricks section has some great tip videos, free resources, plus an entire tutorial on Using Blender with Buildbox. 

To check it out for yourself, visit our tutorials page or just click on the button below: 


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