Microsoft Vungle Promotion Extension

Microsoft Vungle Promotion

Our Microsoft Vungle promotion has been extended until August!

For those unfamiliar with the promotion, it was originally introduced in May to celebrate the release of Buildbox 2.1.0 and its UWP integration. For the promotion Microsoft partnered with Vungle and agreed to give $500 to Buildbox customers who bring their games over to the Windows 10 Store.

Vungle, the leader of in-app video advertising on mobile, has also been an early adopter for advertising in Windows 10 apps. The latest Windows 10 SDK that they’ve released will be automatically included in all Buildbox versions 2.1.0 and higher.

Some of the core requirements for the promo has also been reduced and improved. Along with the extension, developers only need to generate $20 in Vungle Ads revenue to qualify for the bonus. This is an excellent deal for any Buildbox developer interested in extending their game’s reach.


The Promotion Rules

Joining the Windows 10 promotion is simple. Here are the ground rules:

You must be a Buildbox customer
Your game should be exported for the Windows 10 Store
You should use only Vungle ads in your game
A single game must generate $20 in Vungle Ads revenue before August 1, 2016
Offer available to the first 30 people who cross this revenue threshold
Only one $500 bonus can be paid per developer

After you’ve crossed the revenue threshold for any single game, email with your account email address. Make sure to notate in the subject you are part of the Buildbox community and have completed this promotion. After Vungle has verified you are one of the first 30 people to cross the threshold, Microsoft will add $500 to your developer payment account and you will be paid during the next billing cycle.

Integration and Exporting

With Buildbox 2, exporting your game with Windows UWP is simple. First you’ll need to setup Vungle by signing up for an account. Now you’ll enter your Vungle Key in settings, and choose Vungle as your ad provider. Next, update your key bindings for keyboard use in settings. Then simply choose File > Export > Windows Store.

Once you have exported your file, sign up for a Windows 10 Developer Account and download Visual Studio Community to compile your binary. Upload your game into your Windows Developer account and upload your game into the Windows 10 Store.

For more help, and to discuss this promotion with other customers, make sure to check out the community forums.

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