Master Collection 2.0 is Coming!

By August 28, 2018Buildbox
Master Collection 2.0 Coming

Hey Boxers!

Due to popular demand, Master Collection 2.0 is coming back for a limited time only! So, get ready to mark your calendars for August 29th (10 AM PST) because you don’t want to miss this incredible deal.

We’ll be giving away our Master Collection 2.0 package with six pieces of software when you buy a full paid license of Buildbox 2.  Awesome, right?!

You’ll be able to create professional looking games on the fly with this complete game development package. The Master Collection includes Buildbox 2.3, Animationbox, Pixelbox, Soundbox, Voxelbox, and Buildbox 3D. And all for the price of one!

Master Collection 2.0 – Everything You’ll Ever Need

For those unfamiliar with the package or in need of a refresher of these powerful pieces of software, the Master Collection 2.0 is the ultimate game making software suite.

  • Buildbox 2.3
  • Animationbox
  • Pixelbox
  • Soundbox
  • Voxelbox
  • Buildbox 3D

Buildbox 2.3 alone, comes with many new professional features to make game creation easy. There’s an improved creator tool with 40 different gameplay types. It also features an enhanced smart grid that lets you easily snap and connect characters or objects together in perfect alignment, android studio support, and much more.

With Animationbox you can create professional animations, and characters for your game. Much like Buildbox, it’s easy to use, and you don’t need any previous animation experience to dive right in and start creating. There are dozens of high quality presets built-in that you can choose from to give you a good starting point.

You can make amazing looking themed heroes, adorable animal characters, and even unique minimalistic style characters. There’s also an option to import PNG sequences and edit them to make original characters from your own artwork or images that you have plus tons of other cool features.

Pixelbox makes graphic design easy. It features thousands of different backgrounds, borders, buttons, effects, and objects that you can use in your game. Unlike most graphic design software, Pixelbox makes it simple to design stunning intuitive UI’s and graphics with special presets built-in the software to give you guidance and inspiration for your design. You can quickly create different user interfaces, app icons, 2D art, and much more.

Soundbox 2.0 is the only audio production software created solely for game developers. With this software, you can create your sound effects and music for your game just like a professional sound designer. It features thousands of sounds and music loops that can be mixed and match to make unique sound effects and theme music. Also, it’s a lot of fun to play around with, especially if you’re into music.

And Much More … 

Voxelbox is an easy-to-use 3D modeling tool that’s different. With it, you can create voxels, 3D game objects and more without having any previous artistic experience. It also includes advanced features like dynamic lighting control, voxel creations, model saving and exporting and a full renderer camera so you can use your creations in 2D games too. If you’ve ever played the game Minecraft before, than you already know how to use this software. It’s that easy.

And last, but not least in the Master Collection 2.0 package, you’ll get access to Buildbox 3D. With Buildbox 3, you’ll be able to create unique professional 3D games using new smart assets, presets, and nodes that will be updated on a regular basis. All of these new smart assets can be edited including the code and shared with friends, repackaged and much more.

You’ll have full control over the type of game you create. With Buildbox 3D you have more options. You can create cool 3D games with our smart assets and nodes or use the scripting features to bring your game ideas to life.

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the MC 2.0 package, this is your chance! You won’t find these pieces of software anywhere else, and for a limited time, you’ll get all six.

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  • Avatar Yasin says:

    how i can get BuildBox for free

  • Avatar Givy says:

    I really fucks with BB coming from a background experience of graphic design and animation I easily learned quick and almost done with my first game!
    I really thank the creator and team for making tutorial videos, those were a BIG help and that means alot and I appreciate you guys for doing that.

    But I do wish the other applications were available separately for subscription just like how adobe does theres apps. I would love to buy the full version
    but it’s pretty expensive but very understandable!

  • Avatar Hong Huisa says:

    I purchased this version but so far was only able to activate BB2 rest other are giving errors while activation.

  • Avatar Dimitry Chamy says:

    I don’t understand the meaning of lifetime in this context. Is it for the current versions of these (non-expiring) or ALL future versions of entire package forever?

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      It’s for the current BuildBox 2.x series. When Team BuildBox comes out with future versions like BuildBox 4,5,6,7 … These will have to be re-purchased again as these will be different series and version of Buildbox at those times. God Bless!

  • Avatar Jsus says:

    Master collection is Buildbox indie or buildbox pro???

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      It is the Pro edition of BuildBox my friend! And it’s unlimited for Life!! None of that Subscription Plan Garbage!!

  • Avatar Jay says:

    So I am doing the 35 dollar plan and don’t expect to change anytime soon. But the only way to get this additional software is to drop almost 3000. yea no thanks.

    • Avatar Glenn says:

      @Jay – This is why Team BuildBox should have all there products listed for availability all the time on a regular basis with additional payment options to cater to both sides of the coin here. For you, the Subscription Plan method works well for people like you that doesn’t want to invest a hefty Full-Paid-License fee. And on the flip side there is people like me that doesn’t want to pay a regular monthly bill like the Subscription Plan method and would prefer to just pay the Full-Paid-License fee up-front and be done with it without having to pay every month like you desire to do! The BuildBox team currently doesn’t offer both of these options to their customers which they should do is what I’m pointing out here!

  • i think buildbox has a good business model, remember they have employee’s they have to pay to update the software and add features to it, i am a 3d artist, and bought their 35 dollar plan, if i had the money i would by the full version, i know when i was working as a full time 3d artist, the company i was working for used 3ds max, and its like 3,500 per user, so when you have a company of 25 artist that gets pretty pricey. i think once i get to know buildbox and can make some hit games, i will make all the money back i invested into the 35 dollar plan and then i will upgrade. Keep up the good work buildbox team.


    • Avatar Glenn says:

      @ Brandon Humfleet – I respect your point of view and opinion.. However though, my entire point wasn’t to bash or say team BuildBox should do away with their current business model as you put it. But to add to their business model with other payment options on the customer’s time frame and not set on a Limited Promotional time frame as they usually always do like this time yet again! This way, it opens up other opportunities and future sales for there company. So I respectfully disagree with you kind sir!

  • Avatar Reizha says:

    We should pay 100 us dollars for this every month which is equal to minimum monthly wage in most countries in the world.

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      $100.00 a month for a Subscription Based Plan is kinda’ ridiculous when you consider at the end of the year you have just paid out of pocket $1,200.00 for their software. And this amount is nearly half of the price they normally ask for their Full-Paid-License to BuildBox 2 also which is $2,675.00… And you still keep on paying $100 a month endlessly! As I have mentioned in this thread here —>

      The BuildBox Team really should have other Payment options available to their existing and future customers. All their products should be made available for purchase on a regular basis including the Master Collection 2.0 with both Subscription Based Plans & Full-Paid-License options to their existing and future customers alike! And those that are currently on the Subscription Plan method should be allowed an adjustment to price if that said individual should decide to upgrade to the Full-Paid License of the software in question. But unfortunately these options are not available to us as of yet!! Hopefully in the near future they become available to us all!

  • Avatar Peyton says:

    They should defiantly do a one time payment!

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      @ Peyton – Take a look at this thread in the BuildBox forums here —>

      The above link clearly discusses exactly what your talking about!

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      I 100% agree with you @Peyton. I HATE the Subscription Based Plan method as all that does is create another regular monthly Bill you have to pay every month along with your other monthly Bills! And who wants that..? Life is hard enough already without having to add more financial burdens on top of it! I have other development platforms that I have paid for only one time and the software license was satisfied 100%. I definitely prefer the Full-Paid-License option over that of the Subscription Based Plan method here. And this is the primary reason I have not purchased BuildBox is because of this payment method of their here. If The BuildBox team had the Master Collection 2.0 available on a regular basis like they do with the others.. And they had a second and/or third option for payment besides the Subscription Plans method.. I would of already bought a Full-License to BuildBox already! To be able to purchase BuildBox should be set on the customer’s time frame not a limited promotion based time frame like this one here! As already mentioned several times now, maybe in the near future it will be this way I hope?! Until’ then, I have to use other development platforms do to these restrictions Team BuildBox currently has available.. Which is sad because I would really like to purchase their software.

  • Avatar Lovepreet singh says:

    Oo that’s good but I already buy 35 $ plan so that way I can get this

  • Avatar NA says:

    Is this a one time payment for all the softwares?

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      Yes it is! When you purchase a Full-Paid-License for BuildBox 2 you get everything else in the Master Collection 2.0 Package. However though, The One-Shot Full-Paid-License fee will cost you around $2,675.00 for the Full-Paid-License! And most of us do not have that kind of money handy in our Bank Accounts when they run this seasonal / Limited Time Promotion like they do here. Team BuildBox needs to make this product available to everyone all the time for purchase.. Not just when they feel like running a promotion every now and then.

      • Avatar NA says:

        I agree this should be available at all time. If they keep running their company this way someone will create a program better that will simply just push them off the radar.

  • Avatar Ross James says:

    Hi, how much is the master collection then?

    • Avatar Glenn K Brown says:

      @Ross James – Expect to pay for a Full-Paid-License the amount of $2,675.00 which is what they normally ask for it as a One-Shot-Payment Or 4 payments of $745.00. This is what they had available as payment options in the past. And more than likely will have available again for their Promotional Limited Time ofcourse!! As mentioned previously before.. These products and payments options should be available all the time on the customer’s time frame and not a promotional limited time frame like they once again are offering and then take it away again! This just annoys the existing & potential future customers of theirs is all.

      • Avatar Laksh says:

        They should at least come up with a better payment plan rather having us pay $999 a month for 3 months. They have interested customers from all over the world and not all of us can afford that.