Leaked Screenshot #2

We had a great time releasing the all-stars yesterday and also the first leaked screenshot.  It’s been exciting to read all of the guesses, and for the first time someone got pretty close in our customer forum!

Before we release the next screenshot, let me give you two more hints about what we’re unveiling on the big event next week:

1. We’ve seen a lot of people guessing this is just an upgraded version of Buildbox.  I can promise you it’s much more than that.  This is a very high-end product that compliments Buildbox perfectly, but is not a replacement for Buildbox.  Buildbox will always be our flagship software.  We will have a few big new features we’ll reveal on this event.

2. How can this be bigger than Buildbox, while Buildbox is still our flagship software?  Because we’ve never stated we’re just releasing one thing. ;)

Here’s leaked screenshot #2… we have one more coming tomorrow:

Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is founder at Buildbox.com and also owns a mobile game company with more than 55,000,000 downloads. 8 Games from his company have broken the Top 30 of the App Store including The Line Zen, Phases, Jump Pack and Monster Magic. Follow for updates on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Avatar Greg says:

    So basically BuildBox 2.0 is just the BuildBox Master Collection?

    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      No, Buildbox 2.0 is a separate product built on existing principles from Buildbox but with much more expanded functionality. Master Collection was a software suite and training course that included Buildbox 1.X

  • Avatar Luis Lopez says:

    Its a media editor and creator, you will be able to edit and create graphics and music/sounds.

  • Avatar Nutty says:

    Animation making in builbox maybe?

  • Avatar David says:

    Yeah I agree with Joaquin. I don’t mind Trey coming out with new stuff it’s his business so he can do as he pleases. But if some are applications I don’t need then I wouldn’t purchase it. I especially wouldn’t if I didn’t have the money which I don’t haha. We all got to stay within our means.

  • Avatar Alrayhi says:

    I feel this will make a breakthrough.. and will create a new era in games making.

    way to go

    amazing setp.

  • Avatar Daryl says:

    Can FPS games be made with this software? it would be neat if we could put together a half reasonable shooter like COD, MOH; Crysis would asking a bit much but a basic FPS game would suit me, it might even justify the price.

  • Avatar Troy says:

    People are funnily thinking this will be update to Buildbox. The email clearly states that that is going to be expensive, if not more expensive than Buildbox because they clearly state this is NOT budget friendly. It seems strange to think of this be a high-end (pricey) application when the market is saturated with audio and graphics applications for decent money, hundreds of dollars not thousands of dollars. Granted, most likely not the sam integration with Buildbox… but the sad part, is the features that are coming, really should be part of Buildbox to make it a complete product. Buildbox should not be a stepping stone to get a complete package. Having to purchase this piece that completes Buildbox is like a One Time Offer, which personally I am sick of. Either give me a complete product at a fair price or not upsell me time and time again to get what all really should have been including in the actual initial product offering.

    • Avatar Joaquin says:

      I agree it will not be budget friendly. They specifically stated that today in the email. But if they are making an audio editor, I’m not sure that should be in Buildbox. I guess it depends on how deep it is, it could feel bloated if they are not careful.

      As for them releasing new products, well, Adobe has over 25 products. I don’t like them all, but I also don’t buy them all. Vote with your dollars if you don’t want it.

  • Avatar David says:

    I don’t really care about any audio creation software because I already have all that. I have Adobe software ware as well and appicontemplate for my icons. The only thing I would really care about is lots more features for BB itself so that we have more options in the games we make. The other thing that would be great is some sort of Build Box graphics creator. If Trey has figured out a way to at least have us non artist have a variety of way to create artwork that we would otherwise have a hard time making, I think that would be awesome. But unless there is something revolutionary about the music creation software that’s apparently being released, I don’t really need that. Lots more BB features and a graphics creator would be preferable. If he’s coming out with some kind of easy to use After Effects that would also be something really exciting. Just my two cents.

  • Avatar Mayank says:


    1st its cheaper then your software (BUT NOT GOOD GUI AS YOU)
    2nd it is having more feature…


  • Avatar ARDA says:

    I guess buildbox is becoming the sole adress for whatever you need to build a game.

  • Avatar lawchin says:

    its in one package now.. use buildbox tu build game and at the same time you can ;-
    1. increase and reduce volume
    2. cut the audio and you can merge it back
    3. you can convert the audio to .mp3 and .ogg
    4. you can tune to modify your audio sound

    – can create sprite sheet idle, jump, walk/run, defeat and many more.
    – you can control your sprite timing, for exmple sprite 1 will stay for 1 second before jumps to sprite 2 and so on..no need to add same sprite just to make it stay that way for certain time.
    – you can edit your sprite using buildbox

    – perhaps you can add event for extra fuction, means you can have multiple animation.

    – parhaps now we can atleast have an option either we want to our banner on top of our screen instead of just on the bottom of the screen.

    – skip all the 1.3 – 1.99 straigt away go to version 2.0
    – a steady version of builbox (no more bug)

    otherwise.. what makes it so special if all of this are not already inside buildbox. but I still wonder what is it that we have to wait until wednesday.. I hope it is really big and its worth the wait.

  • Avatar Gianni says:

    :) it’s icon maker or photo maker with options to export (icons) to all platform or Buildbox specific required images. This second screenshot is definitely sound editor (exporter). However let’s wait Tray surprise us with something maybe more spectacular. I remember Tray had this kind projects in past so probably he improved and model them to something much better now.

  • Avatar Daniel says:

    Okay if this is what I think it is I’m extremely excited. An easy and fun way to create my own custom graphics within the buildbox world? Create my own music and sound fx? Have them all fit and work together seamlessly without having to use another software is going to make all the difference in the world. Not having to hire an outside source is major news. It can be quite challenging to produce great graphics and sound when they may not be your strong suit. I’m sure there’s more to this new product. I for one can’t wait to see how Trey will continue to revolutionize the app creation process and business.

  • Avatar Safeer Ahmed says:

    Well, everything at side ! First hoping for a stability update ! Whenever deleting objects my re than 156 times, buildbox doesn’t responses and closes automatically without any save warning or what and so I had to remake my whole game again ! What a drag !

    • Avatar David says:

      Safeer, with ANY software you need to save all the time. You also should save a new version of your game every time you open it to work on it. This goes for any project you make in any software. They will ALL crash it’s just the nature of software.

  • Avatar Madariska says:

    This makes me not want to be separated from buildbox
    because buildbox very easy to use for ordinary people like me,

  • Avatar AndyG says:

    I sense a DJ game in our future?

  • Avatar Sulexk says:

    It seems very clear what they are doing. In the first screenshot there was a big picture: with the options on the side to edit the picture in some ways like increasing the saturation.
    In the second screenshot there was sound file(with a wave image) – allowing you to select part of the sound and put that in your game.
    This seems to be a package of features to complete buildbox, in order to provide a complete building experience in one enterprise.

    Buildbox Rocks!

  • Avatar Humza says:

    Pretty cool, it looks like some sort of sound and music mixing add-on for Buildbox, but I’m not exactly sure!

    I have no clue what it could be that’s about to be released, but I sure am excited to find out! :)