Buildbox Game Jam Winners & Highlights

Game Jam

Our first ever official Buildbox Game Jam was a huge success!

We had a total of 80 submissions. So, a big thanks to everyone who participated. And if you didn’t get a chance to join in on the fun this time around, don’t worry. We plan on having more game jams and contests soon.

This year’s spring game jam was an awesome experience. We had some absolutely fantastic games submitted. The team was blown away by what you guys could create in just a three day period using Buildbox. It was quite impressive! We couldn’t be more proud of our BB community.

Game Jam Highlight Reel

In the video below, we’re highlighting some of the top games we loved from the Game Jam:

We conducted a survey beforehand and asked everyone to vote for their favorite theme. And the winning theme by a landslide was ‘Space.’ So, we went with Hyper Casual Space as the official theme because hyper-casual games are really popular with major publishers right now. Many of the top ranked games are hyper-casual, and we wanted to have a concept that was current and trending. Also, hyper-casual game art is much easier to create than other types.

As you can see from the highlight reel above, a lot of really phenomenal games was submitted to this year’s spring competition. It was really tough for us to pick the winners, but after extensively looking over the top games, we selected our official game jam winners!

Buildbox Game Jam Winners

Here’s a video announcing who the winners are and their games:

1st place – Stephens Nunnally

2nd place – Jerry Berg

3rd place – Ovidiu Tepes

All of the game jam winners are working hard on finishing their games, and we will let everyone know when they become available for download so you can check them out!

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