Buildbox Game Spotlight: Galaxy Rush

Galaxy Rush

Each week we highlight a new must-play game built using our software. Every ‘spotlight’ pick is either a game that’s crushing it on the charts or a title with a cool theme or gameplay concept that’s worth taking notice.

This week’s game spotlight is Galaxy Rush: Space Jump Attack by Damian Kowalski. It was one of the 80 games submitted in our official Buildbox Game Jam. With hyper-casual space as the theme, Damian completed this super addictive space game in only 72 hours.

He also documented his game jam experience and the making of the Galaxy Rush on his dev blog. Although it may not have won, it’s definitely worth checking out.

So, let’s take a closer look at Damian Kowalski’s Galaxy Rush …

Galaxy Rush: Space Jump Attack

In Galaxy Rush, players get to go on a secret mission to save the universe. Starting with mother Earth as home base, you have to travel to each dying planet to restore it. No problem, right?! Think, again. Deadly asteroids surround each fading world. Orbiting at various speeds, these rocks of doom mean business. If you accidentally hit one, it’s instantly game over!

The gameplay is somewhat similar to the popular game Orbia by Jox Development. It features simple controls with one tap to jump. When you successfully land on a planet, the orbiting asteroids are blasted away.

As you progress in the game, the asteroid formations become larger and more challenging. Players have to be very strategic in their jumps from one planet to the next. Timing is everything in Galaxy Rush. Grab different power-ups, shields, and blasters along your way to help you teleport and rescue the universe.

There are over 70 levels to complete. The more worlds you save, the higher your score. Galaxy Rush also features six different unlockable spaceships that you can use to upgrade your ship’s appearance.

The music in this game is fantastic. Its fast-paced tempo pumps you up to blast your way through circling asteroids and save the day. The animated graphics in the game are also a nice touch. When you’re playing, there’s a light-hearted vibe to this arcade game. It’s a lot of asteroids and a lot of fun!

If you’re a fan of hyper-casual space games and you love a challenge than Galaxy Rush: Space Jump Attack will be right up your alley. Get ready to fire up your space thrusters!

Galaxy Rush: Space Jump Attack is available for download on iOS and Google Play.


From all of us at Buildbox, congratulations Damian! :)

We love to see the fun new games that our customers make with Buildbox. And we hope you’ve been inspired too.

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