Four Buildbox Games Featured in 3 Weeks

By February 20, 2018Buildbox, Buildbox Notes
Buildbox Games Featured

We’ve had four Buildbox games get featured in the past three weeks: Dere .Exe, Arctic Smash, Cmnd/ctrl, and Reached!

It’s incredible to see our customers dominating the charts on both Apple and the Google Play platform.

Dere .Exe was recently featured trending on Google Play and received over 50,000 downloads. We had the opportunity to interview the game’s creator, Darius Guerrero from AppSir Inc, recently about the success of his horror based platformer. According to Guerrero, the game was inspired by the arcade game Polybius, an obscure website called Anniesroad, and the Saw movie franchise.

Dere .Exe is a retro pixel platformer with a cool horror twist. As players explore the mysterious mobile game called ‘Dere .Exe’ they discover that something strange is going on. The game uses horror elements, sound effects, and creepy environments to challenge and terrify. It’s a very unique game.

Dere .Exe

Darius Guerrero’s Dere .Exe is available for download on Google Play or iOS.

Arctic Smash by Benfont Limited is another Buildbox made game that has been featured in the past few weeks. In fact, after it was hand-picked by Apple’s editorial team as their ‘Game of the Day’ in the US, it has managed to be featured across the globe in over 42 different countries. Arctic Smash has received 320,000 downloads since January. It was also recently, featured this month by Apple as the ‘Game of the Day’ in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

In Arctic Smash, players get to hit the slopes on a skiing adventure that’s unlike no other. Players must race through the slopes while trying to avoid colliding in to trees, falling into ice holes, and getting hit by giant rolling snowballs. There’s even a Yeti monster that makes an appearance to try to throw players off their game. It’s a challenging endless runner style game with a few fun surprises.

Arctic Smash

Benfont Limited’s Arctic Smash is currently available for download on iOS.

The retro endless space shooter Cmnd/ctrl by Sebastian Barrotta has also been featured by Apple. It was featured in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and Singapore.

In Cmnd/ctrl players get to shoot their way through a pixelated galaxy. There’s a cool retro soundtrack that gives it that old-school arcade vibe and lots of unlockable spaceships. Each unlockable spacecraft has a different damage and bullet speeds. There’s also fun power-ups to collect.


Cmnd/ctrl is available for download on iOS.

Nanovation and Jumpingu’s Reached! was featured by Apple as well. The action-based puzzler was featured in over ten different countries including UK, Canada, France, Germany, China, Russia, Spain, and Germany.

In Reached! players must tap and hold to move around world objects to allow their character to reach the goal. It’s a challenging action puzzler that uses physics and timing to test players skills. Throughout the game, you can collect coins to unlock new characters and a fun bonus arcade mode. The game features beautiful graphics with a minimalist style plus a groovy soundtrack.


Reached! is available for download today on iOS.

You can check out some of the other Buildbox games that are doing well on the charts in our All-Stars section.

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