Arctic Smash: Apple’s Pick for Game of the Day

Arctic Smash Game of the Day

Benfont Limited’s Arctic Smash which was made with Buildbox was recently picked as ‘Game of the Day’ by Apple!

Arctic Smash is the first BB made game to be selected as Apple’s ‘Game of the Day.’ Apple’s editorial team only handpicks one game and one app each day for their ‘Game and App of the Day’ feature. Their goal is to spotlight a special game that everyone should be playing. It’s a tremendous honor to be selected.

Arctic Smash is an endless runner that takes players on an EPIC skiing adventure. Players have to tap to guide their character down an icy mountain while avoiding running into any obstacles. Although the gameplay sounds simple, it can be quite challenging. As you race through the slopes, you’ll encounter dozens of trees that you must weave in and out of, ice holes, giant rolling snowballs, and even a Yeti. Be careful and watch out! Mistakes can be costly on the slopes. One wrong move or missed checkpoint and its game over.

If you love fast-paced runners and are up for an adventure, Arctic Smash will deliver. It’s a fun game to play.

You can download the game and check out the full story HERE.

Benfont Limited’s Arctic Smash

Arctic Smash was published by Benfont Limited. Founded in 2016, they’re an indie studio based in Dublin that focuses on the creation, development, and distribution of high quality mobile games that engage players. Some of their titles include SPCR-X, Another Land, and the Rail Runner. However, Arctic Smash is their most significant hit to-date. It was ranked Top 100 in 58 different countries including UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. The game was a success in the Chinese mobile games market as well.

Big congrats to the team at Benfont Limited on their success. What a great way to start off the year! We’re looking forward to seeing more BB games featured in the App Store as the year continues.  

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