Dev Blog #7 – New Buildbox 3 Tutorials & More!

By September 21, 2018Buildbox
Buildbox 3 Tutorials

Hi, Boxers!

We’ve just released four new tutorial videos to help you get started making games in Buildbox 3. This new lineup of Buildbox 3 tutorials will show you how to use the different features and smart assets in the software. You’ll also get to see how the coding aspect operates behind the scenes. Whether you’re new to working with nodes or are familiar, these videos are a great refresher course on how it all works seamlessly in Buildbox 3.

Of course, Zack does a fantastic job of demonstrating all of this. You’ll also be able to learn how to make your own 3D game as he walks you through step-by-step.

Here’s a quick round-up of the new Buildbox 3 tutorials added this week!

Smart Assets: Lanes and Swipe 3 Lanes

In this Buildbox 3 tutorial, Zack takes a closer look at the smart assets: Lanes and Swipe 3 Lanes. He’ll show you how these assets behave when they’re added to your game. And you’ll learn examples and various ways you can use them when you’re trying to build out levels. In this tutorial he even reveals some of the code happening behind the scenes. Cool, right?!

Smart Assets: Rotation Cube

This tutorial goes further into the world of smart assets. Using the Fly gameplay template in Buildbox 3, Zack demonstrates the different creative ways that you can use the Rotation Cube asset in your game scenes. Then he dives deeper into the technical side of things explaining how the various node functions in BB3 work. You’ll also learn how to tweak and edit the code to create a fun variation.

Make a Game Like Voodoo: Part 1

We’ve also added some in-depth video tutorials teaching you how to make a game like Voodoo from start to finish. In part one of this series, Zack walks you through the entire process of creating a game like Voodoo’s hit Gate Rusher. In Gate Rusher, there’s a main character that goes through little hoops along a path. And if you don’t make it through the hoops, then your character is defeated.

Starting with just a default template, you’ll learn how to create a flat version of the game. He’ll show you how to add smart assets, adjust the physics, scale the scene, use touch move nodes to give your character movement, trail effects, and more.

Make a Game Like Voodoo: Part 2

In this second part of the tutorial, Zack teaches you how to customize your game and its characters further. You’ll learn how to add the hoops in Gate Rusher using rings and invisible walls that act as enemies. He’ll also teach you how to change the colors and edit the design in your Buildbox 3D game.

Make a Game Like Voodoo: Part 3

In the third and final part of this tutorial series on making a game like Voodoo, Zack shows you how to continue building out your game. He’ll teach you several game design tips when using Buildbox 3 and some neat tricks for perfect alignment and sizing in your scenes. You’ll learn how to add those little details to make your game look great.

We also have a new API reference for Buildbox 3.0 Beta users that you can check out too.

You can expect to see more in-depth video tutorials like these coming soon. 😉 Thanks for the support everyone!

– Buildbox Dev Team

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