Dev Blog #6 – Buildbox 3.0 Javascript API Reference and Tutorials

By September 10, 2018Buildbox
API Reference

We’ve just released a new API reference for Buildbox 3.0 users. These API documents explain how to use all the scripted nodes available in BB3. We’ll be improving and expanding on this reference guide over time.

Buildbox 3.0 Javascript API Reference + Tutorials

With Buildbox 3.0, we wanted to give users more options including the freedom to add code if they wish. For those of you that aren’t into coding, don’t worry. Buildbox will still be a codeless development tool. You’ll always be able to make professional looking games without coding using our software. The coding options in Buildbox 3.0 are just an extension of our powerful platform.

Also, our friend Zack is back making new video tutorials. So, we all can expect more videos from him very soon … 😉

Here’s a brand new one that he recently uploaded on how to make your own node in Buildbox 3.0 Beta 2: 

You can click on the button below to view our API reference for all scripted nodes in BB3:

API Reference

Thanks for the support everyone, we’ll have more updates soon!

– Buildbox Dev Team

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