Buildbox Spotlight: Candy Ken Quest: Save Baby J!

This week’s game spotlight is GFE Studios Inc.’s Candy Ken Quest: Save Baby J! It was created with Buildbox using one of our free prebuilt templates and has skyrocketed up the charts being featured in app stores around the world! This fun adventure arcade game has also been ranked Top 100 in 87 different countries. 

So, let’s take a closer look at GFE Studio’s Candy Ken Quest: Save Baby J! 

Candy Ken Quest: Save Baby J! A New Fun Twist on Dagger Toss

For Buildbox users, you’ll notice right away that Candy Ken Quest is made with our Dagger Toss template available inside of Buildbox, but with a cool spin on it. This adventure game is based on Candy Ken (Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl), a viral Austrian rapper and social influencer on TikTok with 8.9 million followers. His girlfriend, known as Baby J., also appears on his TikTok and YouTube channel videos. In the game, Baby J. goes looking for candy and gets lost in the forest. It’s up to players to help Candy Ken find Baby J. by chopping down those towering trees. 

Its Knife Toss meets Candy Land as players chop and slice their way through Lolli Land and Fruity Forest all the way to Jolly Rainbow. As you progress in the game, you’re able to upgrade your knives in Ken’s closet or Armory. There are also different objects that you can purchase to toss like a broken iPhone, wads of cash, vehicles, and even a satellite. 

If you love games like Knife Toss and are up for a challenge, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Candy Ken Quest! 

Candy Ken Quest: Save Baby J! is available for download on iOS today!

Congratulations to the team at GFE Studio, Candy Ken, and Baby J on the success! We love to see our customers succeed! 

Candy Ken Quest is an excellent example of how you can use the templates inside of Buildbox to quickly and easily create your own hit game. Dagger Toss pictured below is just one of the many templates that you can use that are available inside of Buildbox. 

Each template is based on a popular gameplay mechanic with prebuilt functionality to take the guesswork out of game design. Just select the template you want to use and instantly start building out your game. Add your own characters and graphics to make it uniquely yours. We’re continually adding new, engaging templates to help you out with your game development. So, be sure to scroll through the options within Buildbox. You just might find the making of your next hit game. We hope you’ve been inspired today! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

If you want your game to be our next spotlight, send us link to your Buildbox game and we’re check it out! We’re constantly on the lookout for new BB games on the horizon. All you have to do is post a tweet that mentions us @buildbox and add a link to your game to show us your app. We’re also on the hunt for new games in our official Buildbox forum and Discord channel in the Game Showcase section. 

Dream big and keep on developing! 

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