Buildbox Game Spotlight: One Wheel

This week’s game spotlight is One Wheel by TapMen Games. It won first place in our hyper-casual game jam sponsored by Kwalee and takes players on a wild ride up in the sky. This game jam winner has also been featured in the sports and arcade category in the app store in multiple countries, including China, Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, and even the Netherlands. 

So, let’s take a closer look at TapMen Games’ One Wheel! 

One Wheel: Following the Path in the Clouds!

If you’re looking for a fun but truly unique challenge, One Wheel delivers. In the game, your unicycle skills are put to the test. As you guide, your character, while riding a unicycle on a moving bridge high in the sky balance and strategy, becomes key. The paths are continually changing and splitting with both wide and narrow roads that really challenge you. With the intuitive one-touch controls, you can easily slide your finger either left or right to steer your bike. But, you have to be careful, if you get too close to the edge, it’s game over. 

One Wheel transports you into a magical world located in the clouds. The graphics are stunning in this game, with rolling green hills, hot air balloons, flying doves, and planes passing by all against a beautiful skyline. As you ride, you can collect gemstones along the path that can be used to unlock cool new characters or unicycles. There are 18 different unlockable characters in One Wheel that range from humans and animals to brain thirsty zombies. It’s a fun, wild ride! 

If you love hyper-casual games and enjoy a challenge, you’ll find yourself dangerously addicted to One Wheel. 

One Wheel is now available on iOS! 

Congratulations to the team at TapMen Games on winning our hyper-casual game jam sponsored by Kwalee! We’ll be hosting a new one very soon! You can learn more about TapMen Games in our interview with one of the two-person studio right hereWe hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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