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By October 9, 2020Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Golf N Bloom by TapMen Games. It’s a relaxing puzzler that takes golf to an almost zen-like place for a truly unique gaming experience. Built with Buildbox, it was featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section of the app store and ranked in the Top 100 in several countries’ sports games category. 

So, let’s take a closer look at TapMen Games’ Golf N Bloom! 

Golf N Bloom: Golf Meets Art 

Golf N Bloom isn’t your typical hyper-casual puzzler. This game meshes golf with the best puzzle and pixel art aspects of TapMen Games’ previous hits Bloomer and Bloom, to give players an entirely new type of challenge. You don’t have to play either of these games to enjoy Golf N Bloom, but they’re both highly recommended.  

The gameplay in Golf N Bloom is simple. Just tee up, aim, and pull back to shoot your ball to the flag. You only get three shots to make it. If you hit the flag, the whole course will magically bloom into a 3D pixel art illustration. It’s stunning to watch flowers, butterflies, yin & yang symbols, and more bloom. The combination of golf and pixel art makes this game surprisingly relaxing. You’ll find yourself addicted to clearing the next hole and the next just to see what unfolds. 

Hit a Bloom in One!

Much like a real game of golf, obstacles can get in your way. However, in this game, it’s taken up a notch. Instead of sand bunkers and ponds, there are cubed obstacles scattered throughout the course. Some of the blocks are moveable, but you have to be careful in how you hit them. They can quickly transition from a helper to a blocker depending on the direction they’re pushed. There are also random portals that you can use to teleport yourself closer to the flag instantly. It’s a fun twist. 

As you progress further in the game, you’ll encounter more complicated barriers, including dangerous ones like spikes capable of busting your ball if you roll too close. Some spikes pop up from the ground and then quickly disappear, making strategy and the timing of your shots critical too. 

If you enjoy calming puzzlers and a round of golf, then you’ll love playing Golf N Bloom. 

Golf N Bloom is exclusively available on iOS

Congratulations to the team at TapMen Games on the success of Golf N Bloom and their entire series of Bloom themed games. You can learn more about TapMen Games in our interview with one of the two-person studio right here

We hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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