Buildbox Game Spotlight: Dare the Monkey

Dare the Monkey Game

Each week we’re highlighting a new game made with Buildbox. This week’s pick is HRN Games’ Dare the Monkey.

Dare the Monkey is a casual one-touch platformer that’s not only a ton of fun but incredibly addictive as well. Just like its tagline says, “It’ll drive you bananas.”

In the game, you get to guide a heroic little monkey, named Dare through multiple worlds filled with obstacles and deadly creatures around every corner. As players run, jump, and sometimes even roll their way through each world, they can collect valuable coins and bananas.

Although the game is easy to pick-up, it’s difficult to master. You’ll often encounter crumbling ruins, hidden traps, and depending on the world that you’ll in a host of predators waiting to attack. Dare the Monkey is a challenging game that captures the spirit of the classic arcade and console games like Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country or Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Each jump must be timed just right, or it’s ‘Game Over.’ There are over 50 exciting levels to complete. Dare the Monkey also features three different game modes including the fun ‘Coin Dash’ mode and a hardcore ‘Long Runs’ mode.

The graphics in this game is stunning. Players get to explore beautiful worlds set in tropical jungles, lava caves, snowy mountains, and the legendary Aztec ruins. You can also unlock new cute monkey characters like Lucy, Jack, Mogu, and even a Panda named Pogo.

If you’re a fan of the golden age of video games, you’ll love Dare the Monkey.

Dare the Monkey by Hot Right Now Ltd.

You can download Dare the Monkey on iOS.

Dare the Monkey was published by HRN Games, a new game publishing company based in the UK. 3D artist and game designer, Alan Caleb developed the game. He documented his entire development journey on the game’s official website. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re an indie developer. On his site, you can view exclusive sketches of his gameplay and level design ideas. And you’ll also get an inside look at the process he used to create Dare the Monkey.

“In many ways it’s a love letter to the golden age of Sega and Nintendo games but reinvented for mobile. Think Donkey Kong Country meets Mr. Jump with a touch of Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in for good measure,” stated Caleb.

On his game dev blog, he also shares how he came up with the unique concept for the super hardcore game mode ‘Long Runs.’ It’s interesting.

Created using our software, Dare the Monkey is also one of the first endless runners to be available on Apple Watch.

Congratulations to HRN Games and Alan Caleb on the release of their new game.

We can’t wait to see what new games are created in the upcoming year!

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