Buildbox Game Spotlight: Balls Attract

This week’s game spotlight is Balls Attract by Gheorghe Mereuta. It was a finalist in our hyper-casual game jam sponsored by Kwalee and has been making its way on the global charts in both the action and arcade categories. This sleek 3D puzzler has such a unique style of gameplay that it caught the Kwalee team’s attention, earning the title of ‘Best Level Design‘ out of all the entries in our game jam

So, let’s take a closer look at Gheorghe Mereuta’s Balls Attract! 

Balls Attract – The Perfect Blend of Action and Puzzle

In Balls Attract, the goal is simple: collect all the balls of the same color while avoiding having two separate colored balls collide into one another. Although it appears easy, it’s a challenging 3D brain puzzler that almost plays like a chess game on auto-pilot. Each level is a board with various colored balls scattered across it. Players must tap to choose a target ball that will automatically pull all the surrounding balls of the same color to it. Like magic, your balls will be collected if they’re able to roll to the target unscathed. 

You have to be very strategic when you select your ball. If any other opposing colored balls are in its pathway and collide, it’s game over. With each level that you clear, you win gems that are added to your high score. As you progress in the game, the levels become increasingly harder with more colored balls carefully scattered along the board. It’s a unique blend of action with rolling balls and a strategic board game rolled all into one.  

If you like a good puzzle and are ready for a game that will challenge you, you’ll love Balls Attract! 

Balls Attract is now available on iOS

Congratulations to Gheorghe Mereuta from Monstefyapp on Balls Attract big win for ‘Best Level Design’ in our hyper-casual game jam. We’ll be hosting a new one very soon! We hope this spotlight has inspired you to start working on your own game. 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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