Dev Blog #5 – Buildbox 3D Beta 2 Release

By September 5, 2018Buildbox
Buildbox 3D Beta 2 Release

Hi, Boxers!

We’ve just released the new update for Buildbox 3D Beta 2! Our team is really excited about this new rollout, and we think you will be too. With this update, you can expect to see a lot of improvements along with a few cool new features that we’ve added to the mix.

Buildbox 3D Beta 2 Release

In this new build we added Downloadable Presets, so now we can update you with more presets like we’ve done with assets in the past few weeks but more frequently.

Beta 2 also has AdIntegrator support that is fully compatible with BB2! So you can now monetize your Ads and integrate any ad networks of your choice easily.

Based on your feedback we’ve also entirely reworked the way nodes get created modified and attributes edited. We’ll be releasing more tutorials soon on how to work with nodes and how to get the most out of them. So, be on the lookout for that as well.

Plus many of the annoying bugs from the past and stability issues have been fixed too. Problems like OBJ crashes or Start node not loading proper World, copy/paste things and many more have all been resolved. You can view the full list of bug fixes and additions included in the Buildbox 3D Beta 2 along with links right here.

Next week we will be testing Android export. So, if you guys want to participate, you’re more then welcome to ping me in private on the forum, and I’ll send you a new build with Android export to try out. We’ll  have new Buildbox 2.3.7 build coming next week also. 😉

Thank you all for the great feedback on the previous build, really appreciated. We’ll have more updates soon!

– Buildbox Dev Team

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