Buildbox 3 Beta 3 Is Now Available!

By October 16, 2018Buildbox
Buildbox 3 Beta 3

Hi, Boxers!

We’ve just released the new Buildbox 3 Beta 3 update. 🙌 This update is HUGE, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We’ve added tons of new features and improvements for both Windows and Mac users. Many of the previous hardware issues have been resolved, especially the ones related to Windows or Intel integrated video cards.

Plus a bunch of minor fixes has also been made to improve the overall performance of the software. iOS issues like performance degradation, not saved the score bug, and other small problems have all been resolved in this latest update.

You can view the full change log on our forum.

We’ve added Android Export. So you can now easily export your games to the Google Play platform.

Also, in the Beta 3 update, we’ve finalized the ‘Stick To Path’ feature allowing you to create and add path new path points within your game. Here’s a 2-part tutorial series on how to work with the path feature. It also explains some details about the Game Path concept:

In Buildbox 3 Beta 3 we’ve added two new presets as well: Twisted Road and Twisted Switch.

Twisted Road

Twisted Road Buildbox 3 Beta 3

With this cool preset, you can make your 3D games truly come alive! In Twisted Road, your character attempts to maneuver through a twisting road while avoiding incoming obstacles.

Twisted Switch

Twisted Switch Buildbox 3 Beta 3

The pace quickens with the Twisted Switch preset. Your character must quickly switch from left to right on a twisted path. It’s as fun as it is challenging to play. You can create everything from innovative racing or arcade games to perplexing puzzlers with these new presets. 

Our next focus will be Buildbox 2.3.x and to bring that old good warm 2D native support to Buildbox 3 in an upcoming update.

Thank you all for the great feedback, really appreciated. We’ll have more updates soon. Cheers!

– Buildbox Dev Team

Nik Rudenko

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Nik is a veteran game developer, and CTO at Buildbox. He's created hit mobile games like Endless Sky and Blue Edge. Nik has also worked on many Triple-A console titles such as Pirates of the Carribean, Showtime Boxing and Overlord.


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