Buildbox 3.4.2 Update: Google Play Android App Bundle Support & More!

By July 31, 2021Buildbox
Buildbox 3.4.2 Update

Our new update, Buildbox 3.4.2 is officially live! This latest update features Google’s Android app bundle (AAB format) support to help you stay updated with the new Google Play app publication requirements, starting August 1st for developers. We also added some other fixes and additions for performance improvements! 

Here’s a quick rundown of Buildbox 3.4.2 New Features!

Android App Bundle Support 

Google is officially switching over from APK to Android App Bundle (AAB) as their default Android app format for all new apps or games. According to Google, app bundles are ideal for games and offer better loading and support for large assets, significantly reducing download size compared to an APK. So, we added AAB format support in Buildbox 3.4.2 to help our creators continue publishing incredible Android-based games. You can learn more about this new format on Google’s Android Developers Blog right here.

Android 32-Bit Support 

In Buildbox 3.4.2, we also added support for Android 32-Bit. 32-Bit apps generally require less memory space to run on mobile devices than standard 64-Bit applications. Previously, Buildbox 3 only supported 64-Bit, but you now have both options with this latest release. 

For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full changelog below:

Change Log:

  • Added: Google Android App Bundle format (AAB)
  • Added: Android 32-Bit support
  • Added: Ability to follow specific asset with camera setPositionFollow()
  • Fixed: An error occurs on Xcode when loading a game that has Use Encryption checked
  • Fixed: Offline mode error crash
  • Fixed: UI Screen Grid Snapping
  • Fixed: Android encryption crash
  • Fixed: If Collide does not update properly in certain setups
  • Fixed: UI Screen Right Click forward/backward options don’t work as expected
  • Fixed: User fails to drag and drop the submarine into the 3d world and proceeds to the next step in interactive tutorial
  • Fixed: An extra obj is added when adding any asset after importing an obj and fbx files.
  • Fixed: Label node: 2 sided mode doesn’t work
  • Fixed: UI Joystick Move node has inconsistent max values
  • Fixed: Changing the resolution after maximizing the preview window shows a black screen
  • Fixed: The “Inherit color” parameter in the debris node is not functioning as intended.
  • Fixed: When ground object is selected with Multitool, it becomes impossible to select other entities via clicking in the center editor view

NOTE: The team is also aware and actively working on integrating the new Google Billing Library for Android games with in-app purchases into Buildbox in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, only new games that add in-app purchases may be affected. 

We appreciate your patience as we continue to update Buildbox. Feel free to reach out to our support team for further questions or guidance at   

Thanks so much for your continued support and feedback. We’ll be working hard on future updates to make improvements and bring more of the features and functionality that you want to see to the platform. We can’t wait to see what you create with Buildbox 3.4.2! 

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