Buildbox 3.2.0 Update Now Available With FBX Support & More!

By April 2, 2020Buildbox

Big News! We’ve officially released Buildbox 3.2.0! This update features FBX support and much more to make building incredible 3D games with no-code easier than ever before! With Buildbox 3.2.0, you can now drag and drop any FBX file with full 3D model skeletons and animations right into Buildbox to use as a character or object in your game. We’ve also added some new features and functionality to the software to make 3D game creation fast and easy.

Here’s a sneak peek of Buildbox 3.2.0: 

New FBX Compatible Brainboxes

In Buildbox 3.2.0, we’ve added new Brainboxes and content nodes for 3D animated assets. There are Brainboxes for adding an animated platform, mobile controls, keyboard controls, and keyboard camera controls instantly. These drag-and-drop components have built-in logic to help you quickly build out your game without having to write endless lines of code. New sub-scene and keyframe animation nodes are available specifically for 3D animated assets to enhance FBX support.

New Tabs Feature for Better Organization and Workflow

You’ll also notice our new tabs feature along with control arrows located at the top of the screen to make navigation easier. Axis fields are color-coded for better visibility too. There’s even a new purple self-reference output for script nodes and the ability to color-code their input and output as well. 

We’ve improved both 2D and 3D modes as well. You’re now able to rotate objects 45-degrees using the rotate tool in your 2D worlds. In 3D worlds with Buildbox 3.2.0, any ground object can be used as a solid platform for dynamic assets and applied to an entire scene/level. This new feature makes the process of designing platforms in your game lightning fast. 

Nodes, Blending Options, and More! 

The health node feature now has both starting and max health attributes. You’ll also find new nodes like the Sub Scene, Keyframe Animation, Rotate Towards, Speedometer, and Self Attribute in the node map. We’ve added new alpha mask blending options to help you polish up your assets.  For Buildbox Pro subscribers, we’ve added Facebook Analytics in the SDK tab of the Project Settings window with game analytics for better ad monetization too. You can view the full changelog right here on our official forum

We can’t wait to see what awesome games you create with Buildbox 3.2.0 and this cool free template! Thanks so much for your continual support, we appreciate it. Check back here soon for more exciting updates and announcements!

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