Buildbox 3.1.3 Update

By January 14, 2020Buildbox

Our development team has just released Buildbox 3.1.3. In this latest update, we focused on squashing bugs and improving the software in all areas for a faster and smoother experience. Although this release is primarily meant to address some issues, we are preparing for a much larger update coming soon with a lot of cool new features and additions. 

We really appreciate all of the feedback that we receive and your suggestions. With this release of Buildbox 3.1.3, we tried to fit in as many improvements as possible. If there’s anything that’s not included, don’t worry; we’ve taken note and will do our best to include them in future updates as we continue to make Buildbox the best 2D and 3D game development engine ever. 

In Buildbox 3.1.3, we’ve added a search option in the presets for easier navigation. We’ve also added a Color Animation and a Velocity Drag Node for more advanced game creation. There are also over two dozen fixes and improvements that we’ve added.

Buildbox 3.1.3 Update

For a complete list of changes, you can view the full changelog below: 


  • Added: [JSAPI] color for 3d models
  • Added: VelocityDrag node
  • Added: Revoke Consent Button
  • Added: Search in presets
  • Added: Attract node “Disable” input
  • Added: Color Animation node
  • Added: Color attribute for 2d animations (including [JSAPI])
  • Added: Increased network cache size
  • Added: Line numbers for internal BB script editor
  • Fixed: Crash in 2D mode where you add State Machine node to the Object
  • Fixed: Visibility button for BB logo on free versions
  • Fixed: When it wasn’t possible to add brainbox in tutorial
  • Fixed: Bug with empty asset library
  • Fixed: Bug with modules download abortion dialog was displayed twice
  • Fixed: Bug with modules download progress not being displayed in world editor
  • Fixed: Bug with modules not being downloaded on the first run or when the project is opened directly to world editor
  • Fixed: Crash in tutorial
  • Fixed: Design & HIDPI support for script editor line counter
  • Fixed: Graphical artifacts on 150% dpi on welcome screen
  • Fixed: Style for buttons on welcome screen
  • Fixed: Brainbox spelling for `Add Brainbox` button
  • Fixed: BB Logo always on top in BB Free
  • Fixed: Increased news section size on welcome screen
  • Fixed: Last edited world is automatically selected when entering Mind map;
  • Fixed: Linker JSB method name typo fix
  • Fixed: Linkers crash fix
  • Fixed: Grid on Mind map is drawn faster;
  • Fixed: Huge performance improvement in Mind map by caching text width of all the used labels;
  • Fixed: Node connection is drawn without antialiasing when there’s a lot of them;
  • Fixed: Node width is calculated a single time after all attributes are already added;
  • Fixed: Rotate node
  • Fixed: View options (zoom mode, scale, position) are remembered for Mind map; (edited)

Buildbox 3 Asset Library 

Buildbox 3 Asset Library

Shipwreck Cove 2D Asset Pack

Shipwreck Cove 2D Asset Pack – Game Example

We’ve also recently released a new 2D asset pack called Shipwreck Cove with a fun pirate theme and 50 free assets that you can use in your games. There’s no download necessary. The entire asset pack is automatically individually pre-loaded into your Buildbox asset library. It’s one of the perks of being a Buildbox user. There’s sunken treasure chests, mines, ships, a skeleton pirate character, an animated trampoline, and dozens of other unique graphics all available in your Buildbox 3 asset library. We also have a bonus Shipwreck Cove themed sound effect pack with explosion sounds and themed background music that you can download right here. We’ll be adding many more themed asset packs in the future.

Keep on developing, Boxers! We can’t wait to see the fantastic games you create with Buildbox 3!

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