Buildbox 3.0.1 Update Is Live!

By August 19, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox 3 Update

Hey Boxers, 

We’ve recently released Buildbox 3.0.1! In this latest update we’ve made over 100 new changes with some of those fixes directly under the hood to make your experience using Buildbox not only better but easier too. However, this new official release is just the beginning! 

Buildbox 3.0.1

In this first of many updates, our sole focus was on stability. We wanted to improve the fluidity of the software and the overall workflow in Buildbox 3.0.1. Dozens of fixes and changes were made to enhance the user’s experience. We’ll have another big rollout coming soon that will include Easy Ad Integration and a few other major features that have been requested. These new features are more heavily involved, but they’re currently in progress with our team hard at work on implementing them in upcoming updates. 

So, in this Buildbox 3 update, we’ve added 64-bit export for Android, which is required by Google now, so your games will always be up-to-date and compliant. The splash screen is also fully editable. We also have updated all the tutorials to help you better familiarize yourself with the software and access them more quickly. The camera features have been greatly improved too and expanded with new features to move objects, and edit in both near and far render distances. Also, the icons for components have been enhanced, and the compile SDK for Android updated from 26 to 28 for easier exporting. 

With stability being our main focus in Buildbox 3.0.1 update, you’ll notice a lot of improvements throughout the software. From the way you scroll and work with nodes to the camera and UI features, you have the freedom to do more. 

Buildbox 3 Gif1

You can view the full changelog right here on our official forum

We can’t wait to see what incredible games you create with Buildbox 3! You can start developing today. The download links are listed below:

For Mac

For Windows


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