Boxnation Podcast Episode 2: The Success Behind Dere Evil .EXE with Darius Guerrero

By June 8, 2020Buildbox

We’re happy to announce that episode 2 of our Boxnation Podcast has just dropped on Buzzsprout, iTunes, Spotify, and more! 

Each episode of Boxnation Podcast brings you the latest trends, news, and inspiration from top guests and developers in the gaming industry. In an interview format, Boxnation hopes to entertain you while getting informed on what’s happening in the fascinating and ever-evolving world of games!

“My advice for anyone wanting to start a career or even make games just for the heck of it is to make as many games as possible during your first few months. I made 15 games before I created Dere Evil .EXE.” — Darius Guerrero

Boxnation Podcast Episode 2: The Success Behind Dere Evil .EXE with Darius Guerrero


In this second episode Darius Guerrero, CEO of the Phillippines based studio AppSir Inc. and developer of Dere Evil .EXE, shares his insights and tips on building a globally awarded game with Buildbox. Guerrero’s Dere Evil .EXE has been featured worldwide and has earned over a million downloads across Google Play, Amazon, and the App Store. His game is also an official 2020 Webby Awards honoree in the Best Adventure Game category right alongside AAA console titles like 2K’s Borderlands 3. In this episode, Darius talks about his game development journey and how he used Buildbox to create his award-winning game. You’ll also learn about his new upcoming game, Hopbound

Listen to the entire podcast to hear all of Darius’ thoughts on coming up with unique game ideas, what makes his mobile games such a success and how you can do the same. Be sure to subscribe to our Boxnation Podcast on your favorite platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and others! More episodes are coming soon! 

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