An Update from Buildbox CEO, Jonathan Zweig

By May 18, 2021Buildbox
Buildbox Update

Dear Buildbox Community,

I absolutely LOVE the passion you have shown since we announced our new plans! Buildboxers have the most vocal energy in the video game creation market today, and that’s why I am so in love with our community: we hear you, and we believe in you! I have been spending my day on the DMs and on video calls with many of you to hear you out and understand your needs moving forward.  

Our mission is to provide you with the easiest software in the world to make video games without writing code. We provide #nocode as a service. Providing that value to users sets us apart from all other platforms but requires a different way of funding future product development.

The number one piece of feedback we got today is: with these new revenue tiers, you, the community, want to know our big plans for the product and the future.  

More about this below, but as a first big step in that direction, we are moving up the biggest product announcement we have ever made. In the next 24 hours, we will be releasing more information about Buildbox World!

Also, a reminder about Buildbox Classic: for the first time, Boxers can now use a new and improved version of our original award-winning 2D software that has been used to make countless top 100 hits on the Apple App Store and Google Play, for FREE.

Buildbox 3, which has been used to make some of the most popular 3D games on the market, is now also FREE to export to all the major app stores!

With regard to pricing tiers, we know we are making some big changes, and we want to address some of the biggest questions we have received from the community about them:

First to address the elephant in the room: Rev Share

  • None of these Rev Share changes are effective immediately, as they are all “Coming Soon” (later in Q2)
  • All games exported before July 1st, 2021, are not affected in any way by the new revenue share tiers.  
    • For the sake of clarity, the revenue share % for all games exported before July 1st, 2021, is locked in at 100% to the creator for those games (even if they are updated after July 1st, 2021.) The new revenue share tiers only kick in for new games created on or after July 1st, 2021. 
  • Any existing published games will NOT be affected (Only new games as of July 1st, 2021, will be subject to the new rules). Just be sure not to update your existing bundle ID 
  • The Rev Share Threshold listed is designed to protect your revenue up to that point, so we don’t take our cut until your game earns that much per month (enforced on a per-game basis)
  • Why are we taking Rev Share at all? 
    • As a business, we need to make sure we are making enough money to stay in business for you. Plain and simple. We are 100% invested in YOU, our community, which means our products’ revenue is put directly back into our products. 

That leads us to our next point: What do we plan on reinvesting the revenue in? 

  • Asset Store:
    • Working to rapidly expand the Template and Asset Store. Coming soon, there will be a TON more assets available to everyone to use and purchase. 
    • Eventually, we want to be able to support your creator submissions so you can earn revenue selling your assets, nodes, and creations directly inside Buildbox!
  • Buildbox Ad Monetization Solution:
    • Coming soon, as you can see on the website, we will be releasing our new Ad Monetization Solution. This is going to be significantly easier to use than anything we’ve offered before. 
    • We also will be continuously optimizing this solution so that we can help you maximize your revenue by working with ad network partners to adjust configurations and adopt new technologies on your behalf.
    • We’ve kept this under wraps for some time, but it is about time we share. As we mentioned, keep an eye out in the next 24 hours for a sneak peek.
  • More to Come!
    • We are working on a way to be more transparent about our Roadmap and what we are working on. You deserve to know where we are headed and we are so excited to be on this journey with you, our unbelievable community!
  • Ongoing product stability and feature improvements to remain the easiest game development tool in the world. We can always be better!

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your passion for Buildbox and we look forward to sharing more with you very soon.

Talk soon,
Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig

About Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig is CEO of Buildbox & AppOnboard. Creator of 14 of the first 100 iOS games on the Apple App Store in 2008, Jonathan was also Founding CEO and President of Inc 500 AdColony.