Announcing Our Big Valentine’s Day Sale!

By February 6, 2019Buildbox
Valentines Day Sale

In honor of Valentine’s Day ❤️ this month, we’re having a BIG Valentine’s Day sale! You can get Buildbox for 60% off and some sweet freebies to jumpstart your journey into game development. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get Buildbox for yourself or as a gift to that special gamer in your life.

Valentine’s Day Sale

Our Valentine’s Day Sale will be available from now until February 22 at 11:59 PM PST!

Here’s what you’ll get:

* Buildbox PRO (Full 1-Year Subscription)
* Buildbox 3 (Our 3D Game Engine)
* Plus you get Animationbox (Full 1-Year Subscription) for FREE too!

You’ll get not one, but three of our best game development tools for a whole year. With this special bundle, you can start making your own incredible 2D, 3D games, and custom animations.

And the best part?

When you purchase the Buildbox PRO subscription at 60% off, you’ll be able to renew your subscription locked in at the same discounted price. That means you’ll never have to pay full price for BB as long as you remain an active subscriber.

Buildbox PRO

If you’re not familiar with our software, Buildbox PRO is our powerful drag and drop game builder that allows anyone to make 2D games without having any prior coding or programming skills. It’s as easy to use as PowerPoint. Just drag and drop your game assets into the creator to instantly build out levels or scenes. Choose from dozens of different gameplay presets to make your own mobile game.

In this Valentine’s Day Sale bundle, you’ll receive the full-unlimited version of Buildbox Pro, which will include all of the latest updates for free. You can add multiple worlds, levels, create special effects, animated sequences, and much more. Plus with our one-button export feature, you can export your game to any platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac App Store, Steam, Amazon App Store, and Apple TV.

Buildbox 3

You’ll also get access to our advanced 3D game engine, Buildbox 3. With this software, you have multiple options for creating professional looking 3D games. It combines user-friendly smart assets and presets that you can use to make 3D games and more advanced options with the use of nodes and scripting to customize your games. You can make simple or complex games with coding. It’s entirely up to you.

Game art or the lack of is not an issue either in our Big Valentine’s Day Sale. You’ll never have to worry about buying or searching online for game art. In this bundle, you’ll also receive an entire year subscription of our animator tool, Animationbox.


With Animationbox you can create professional animations, and characters for your game without having any prior graphic design skills. The software features dozens of built-in presets to guide you in creating your custom design. There’s also an option to import and edit PNG sequences from your own artwork or any cool image that you may have. Make themed heroes, cute animal characters, and animations like a Pro all in real-time. Plus, since this software is standalone, it can be used in Buildbox or with any other game engine.

And much like your Buildbox Pro subscription, after your free year subscription is up, you’ll have the option to resubscribe at a special low price.

For those already subscribed to Buildbox, but want to take advantage of this deal … all you have to do is email our support team at to update your plan.

So, don’t miss out!

Give the gift of game development to that special gamer or app enthusiast in your life with this special Valentine’s Day Sale bundle today! Click the button below for details:


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  • Avatar Muhammad Arsalan says:

    I have purchased this sale for $300 now I want to change my credit card details. will I get next subscription after 1 year with the same price?

  • Avatar D'NELSON says:

    Hi, What happened? I brought this yesterday but I don’t have the Pro plan and now the offer has ended.

    What should I do now ?


  • Avatar MD NUR ALOM says:

    You guys are great… I will definitely subscribe the pro plan… I am from India.. very much excited… Thanks Buildbox Team for this offer…

  • Avatar davis erhart says:

    omg thank you so much i was thinking about upgrading and now is the chance