Adbox Just Got Better: New Ad Partner

By April 25, 2022Buildbox

Did you know Adbox has a new ad partner? 

Yes! Adbox now includes Vungle! Vungle is the leading performance marketing platform for in-app video ads. With this new ad partner, there’s more potential for higher eCPMs and better fill rates than ever before! 

Everyone now has the chance to earn more ad revenue with Adbox! 

Adding ads is super easy!

Select your Game Over Screen from within the Mind Map and toggle on Interstitial and Banner Ads to activate Adbox and start earning today!

You can also learn all of the best ad monetization practices to follow, plus step-by-step instructions here.

Want to start earning more ad revenue? Republish your old games to include Vungle ads!

Adbox now with Vungle is automatically added into any game exported with the latest version of Buildbox.

So, be sure to update to Buildbox 3.4.7.

Then import an old game file and hit export. You can republish your game on the app store as an update and increase your chances of earning more ad revenue!

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