72-Hour Buildbox Game Jam Theme Revealed!

By July 31, 2020Buildbox

We’ve just kicked off our 72-hour Buildbox game jam sponsored by Kwalee with a shot to win a lucrative publishing deal plus tons of other cool prizes. Participants only have 72 hours to create and submit their entry. The deadline for submission is Sunday, August 2nd, at 11:59 PM PST! 

Ready to find out the theme and bonus challenges? Watch the video below: 

Enter Game Jam

The theme is prototypes! There will also be three bonus subcategories, including the most impactful moment, most unique gameplay mechanic, and best world environment. It’s going to be a fun challenge!

We have a full guide by Kwalee and a video on what it takes to make a good prototype available right here. It’s definitely worth checking out before you start making your game. We also have a special live Game Jam Q&A with Jack Griffin and Allan Adham from the Kwalee team happening at 9:30 AM PST, Friday 31st, to kick things off. They’ll be sharing some inside tips and answering any questions you might have. Later that day at 3 PM, PST Zack Griset will be hosting a follow-up Q&A to provide additional help to anyone who needs it also. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the awesome prizes: 

First Place 

First place winner will receive a game design and publishing workshop session with Kwalee, potential publishing deal, $250 gift voucher, one full year subscription to Buildbox Pro for free, their game featured on our blog and website, official Kwalee Swag Bag (valued at $250), a Buildbox T-shirt, and of course bragging rights! 

Second Place  

Our second-place winner will receive a game design publishing workshop session with Kwalee to gain valuable feedback and tips on how to take their game development that next level. Plus they’ll receive a $250 gift voucher to splurge, Kwalee Swag Bag (valued at $250), and a Buildbox T-shirt! 

Third Place 

The third runner up will get a $150 gift voucher, official Kwalee Swag Bag (valued at $250), and Buildbox T-shirt. 

This 72-hour game jam is a challenge worth tackling and an excellent opportunity to have your work seen by Kwalee, one of the leading publishers in the mobile game scene. So, good luck, Boxers! 🍀 We can’t wait to see what you create! 

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