Winter Holiday Sale Extended: Score Big Savings

By December 27, 2023Buildbox

Surprise! We’re thrilled to announce that our Winter Holiday Sale is now extended through January 2nd! This means more time for you to kickstart 2024 with a bang in the world of game development.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting, this sale is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your game development toolkit. Don’t miss out on this chance to save big and take your game development skills to the next level.

Pick Your Buildbox Plan Now!

Make Your Own Game with AI, No-Code, and More! 

You’ve got an extra week to make the most of this incredible 50% off offer on Buildbox Classic (now with AI), Buildbox 3, Soundbox (audio software for game designers), or the Ultimate Bundle (Pro versions of each). 

With Buildbox’s easy drag-and-drop functionality and cool AI features, designing levels, characters, and game mechanics becomes a breeze. It offers a wide range of awesome templates and assets that let you create super unique and exciting games. Buildbox is a powerful tool that can bring your game ideas to life and help you make some serious money. You can turn your dream of making games into a reality and start earning in no time. 

Plus, with Buildbox, you keep 100% of the revenue from the App Store, Google Play, and any in-app purchases or custom ad networks you add to your games. 

Let’s make 2024 a year of creativity, fun, and success. Don’t miss this extended opportunity to own the tools that can redefine your year ahead. With these tools, you can unlock your full potential and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

Whether pursuing a new hobby, starting a business, or side hustle, the possibilities are endless with Buildbox. Take charge of your destiny and make this year one for the books. Begin your journey into game creation today!

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