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By December 14, 2017Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

We’re excited to announce the release of Voxelbox!

Voxelbox is a brand new easy-to-use 3D modeling tool. This software is very different. With Voxelbox you can create impressive 3D art for your game without having any previous artistic experience. In fact, if you’ve ever played the game Minecraft before, than you already know how to use this software. You can create voxels, 3D game objects and more. It also includes advanced features specifically for game developers like dynamic lighting control, voxel creations, model saving and exporting and a full renderer camera so you can use your creations in 2D games as well.  

In this in-depth walkthrough of Voxelbox you’ll get to see how it works in action and learn some essential tips on how to get started:

There are 100 3D objects included in the software that you can use in your games. You can also make your own objects within the intuitive 3D workspace. Each object is just a collection of voxels. Located in Voxelbox is a voxel bar which displays all the different color voxels you can add or edit. Within the editor you can easily drag and drop images or select a specific color to create your own unique voxel and then use those voxels to make any object or creation you wish. In edit mode, you can add different voxels, stack, position and resize them to create levels and professional looking game art. It’s really fun to use.

You can select different objects, move, rotate them, change your perspective with a simple scroll of the mouse and more. It’s very easy to move around your world, build, create, and customize in Voxelbox. The advanced 2D renderer camera allows you to use your creations in 2D games. Similar to Pixelbox, you can export your voxel creations in groups or as single items to use in software lie Buildbox 2. There’s also an option to import any OBJ file straight into the software. With this feature you can use Google’s new Poly page to download hundreds of different models to use. It’s truly nothing else like Voxelbox.

Overview of Voxelbox Features

  • The Easiest 3D Software Ever Made
  • Create your own custom voxels
  • Build full voxel objects
  • Import / Export OBJ files
  • 100 Objects Included
  • Advanced 2D Renderer

You can lean more about Voxelbox and our new Master Collection 2.0 software right here:

Get Master Collection 2.0

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  • Avatar Peter says:

    I don’t really get how you use voxelbox with BuildBox “2” ?
    Also you created an entire scene. How can you navigate through that in buildbox 2?
    Wouldn’t it be better to keep each object separate for maximum flexibility and game play?

    If buildbox 4 alpha did more than export android, even windows exe, I’d be more excited.

    And is there any limit to how complex an imported OBJ model can be?

    Can we colour or texture (map) the pixel groups?

    So overall I’m not sure how I would use voxels in buildbox (2) ?

  • Avatar Dmitrij says:

    How to buy Voxelbox if I have a buildbox subscription?

  • Avatar Evan Moore says:

    I purchased buildbox, soundbox and voxelbox but when I opened voxelbox and tried to use like walk through video, it worked nothing like the demonstration. Everything is different. Requires more tutorials. Waste of money at this stage. Some support would be nice

  • Well I get the master collection if I subscribed in indie or premium subscription?

  • Avatar Timothy says:

    Does it cost money monthly?

  • Avatar Lawrence Chin says:

    Hey Zack, can you create walking animation for the t-rex (Barney) within voxelbox? I mean a simple walk animation just like the one from minecraft or roblox

  • Avatar Miltos Papaioannou says:

    It seems amazing :-). It will be like playing Minecraft and then exporting assets for my game. Very cool

  • Avatar Arsif Ali says: