The Future of Visual Novel Games: Introducing StoryGames.AI

By July 3, 2023Buildbox

In the heart of every person resides a storyteller, an imaginative creator of tales that captivate and inspire. 

What if there was a platform that allows you to bring to life any story your mind can conjure up, in the form of a game? A world where your creativity takes the center stage and transforms into immersive, interactive experiences for players all over the globe. 

This might sound like a fantasy, but with from Buildbox it is going to be your reality.

What is

Story Games are Visual Novel Games, coming soon to Buildbox Classic, making it easier than ever for creators of all skill levels to build high-quality games in record time, utilizing the power of AI.

At its core, is an ambitious project that inspires creativity and lowers the barriers to entry in game development through the use of AI. It’s an advanced tool from Buildbox that enables users to create interactive and captivating visual novel games in just a few minutes. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can bring their creative stories to life and gamify their narratives to build an interactive experience for players. utilizes cutting-edge AI tech to build a visual novel game in minutes. You just need to answer a few questions from the AI Assistant about what your main character looks like, what their general story is, and some obstacles they must overcome. Then your game will be ready in about five minutes. You will have a complete ten-chapter visual novel game with an engaging storyline, interactive choices, and visually stunning scenes. 

With Buildbox Classic, you can quickly edit and expand your story game as you imagine. Move elements around to reposition text and buttons. Or even change where each player’s choice goes in order to create your perfect decision tree! Plus, the built-in AI asset generator on the sidebar makes it easy to create new images you can drop in to fine-tune your chapter visuals!

Infinite Creativity lets its users create any story they want! Whether you’re into mythical fantasy, detective noir thrillers, classic romance, or sci-fi dystopias, there’s no limit to the creative possibilities! You can take your players on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams to lands unexplored, and challenges unimagined with 

The AI technology used in this tool is sophisticated enough to handle the most complex storylines, plot twists, and turns. It lets you create all sorts of characters, environments, and scenarios to really immerse players in your story!

Endless Possibilities 

The potential for creating with is infinite. The AI technology used in the platform is sophisticated enough to handle the most complex storylines, branching dialogues, plot twists, and turns. It can create a vast range of characters, environments, and scenarios, making your storytelling journey truly immersive. All this in the user-friendly no-code platform that you know and love inside Buildbox, enabling anyone, regardless of their technical background, to dive into the world of game-making.

Story Games from Buildbox isn’t merely for building games – it’s a dynamic environment for honing your storytelling skills, exploring innovative narratives, and even for educational purposes. Teachers can design interactive lessons, entrepreneurs can tell their brand story in an engaging format, and therapists can create narrative therapy tools. The possibilities are, indeed, endless.

Soon, will be available in Buildbox Classic! With this new integration, you can build visual novel games and create incredible 2D games without writing a single line of code. The possibilities are endless. 

Our upcoming Buildbox Classic release with is just around the corner. So stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest news on the release date.

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