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Brick Break 3D!

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Brick Break 3D!

By | Game Showcase

We have another awesome 3D game spotlight this week created with Buildbox 3! It’s called Brick Break 3D! by AppTout, and it’s currently ranked #154 in the Puzzle game category. Apple has also featured it in multiple countries including China, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, France, Russia, and …

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Best Indie Game Development Forums to Join

By | Game Dev Tips

Are you part of the game development community? Being active in game development forums and the indie scene is one of the best ways to get better at making games. Joining and participating in game development forums can ignite your creativity and help keep you motivated to succeed. The more …

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Adding Polish to Games

Game Dev 101: Adding Polish to Games

By | Game Dev Tips

What does it mean to polish a game? To polish a game is to add those final touches or improvements to ensure your game is as aesthetically pleasing and error-free as possible. Although considered to be the last step in the game development process, it’s one of the most important. Adding polish is the secret to making better games. When you polish a game …

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'Break the Line' Game Dev Interview

Game Dev Interview Series 004: Simon Crack

By | Buildbox, Buildbox Notes, Game Showcase

Simon Crack, indie game dev and founder of Scotland based studio; Dead Cool Apps has been successfully creating games and conquering the mobile app business since 2012. His studio has developed over 200 apps. And many of his games have reached the top charts or have been featured, generating millions of downloads. We had the opportunity to chat with Simon Crack about his …

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Game Dev Interview Dere Exe

Game Dev Interview Series 001: Darius Guerrero

By | Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

The Philippine-based indie studio, AppSir Inc., has been successfully creating innovative games using Buildbox for quite some time. In fact, their latest game, Dere .Exe recently hit over 50,000 downloads and was trending on Google Play. We were honored to have the opportunity to chat with Darius Guerrero, founder of AppSir Inc., about the …

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