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5 tips for selecting video game background music

5 Tips To Select The Best Video Game Music

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

By nature, most game developers are visually oriented. They’ll spend hours designing and discussing artwork, character skins and game effects. Granted, sound effects also get a lot of attention — but when it comes to music, the conversations often grow quiet. Yet background music is a fundamental component to the gaming experience. Not only does great music add tremendously to a game, a …

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how to design 3d games

How to Bring Your Imagination to Life By Developing 3D Games

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

If you’re ready to start designing your first 3D game, this guide will show you how. Learn everything from how to insert and manipulate objects, add some action and even how to name a game that will have players clicking it as soon as they see it. In a 3D game everything pops out into a third dimension. Objects now have height and up-down movement along a third axis – the z-axis. Most 3D games use …

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Game Design Tips

20 Indie Dev Tips for Awesome Game Design

By | Game Dev Tips

Want to know the secret to awesome game design? I’ve put together a list of 20 essential indie dev tips for game design and development success. Whether you’re just starting or have a couple of games under your belt, these must-know tips can help you design better games and feel more confident as a …

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