Swoopy Space: The New Buildbox Game Topping the Charts

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Swoopy Space was featured by Apple this week in over 140 different countries including the US, UK, France, and China. It also broke the Top 100 in the US games chart.

The Buildbox made game was created by the London based indie studio called AppDemon and published by Umbrella Games.

The feedback and reviews on this game has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been featured 455 times on iTunes, on TouchArcade in “Hot New Games” and on the App Store Games Twitter & Facebook pages. It also made the 8th position in Apple’s ‘New Games We Love’ section in the US.

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So … What’s so special about Swoopy Space?

Swoopy Space is a retro pixelated avoidance game, with a fun space adventure theme. In the game players are transported into the unknown depths of outer space as they guide a flying comet, collecting diamonds along their way. Players have to avoid colliding into interstellar obstacles like swirling planets, gaping black holes, firery rockets and UFOs. Tapping quickly and with precision is key to espace an untimely death.

It’s fast pace and the diverse range of obstacles make it quite challenging. The game features 24 different levels of space with each level introducing a new engaging obstacle to avoid. In addition, there’s also a wide variety of unlockable characters to choose from to keep things interesting. Players can play as a doughnut, zombie, ghost, unicorn, robot or even as an emoji. The retro style pixel graphics combined with the arcade theme music adds a nostalgic yet entertaining element as well. It’s addictive and also a lot of fun.

Some of the most noteworthy features available in Buildbox like interactive menus, portals and particle effects are also showcased nicely in Swoopy Space.

From the game’s interactive menu and the Ready -> Go countdown to the cool particle effect animations used throughout the game, it’s a great example of what’s possible with Buildbox.

“This software is very powerful. I’ve been working on app development for a long time but never had the platform to create something like this, the concept, design and codeless programming, thanks to Buildbox, was all done by myself and I hired a fantastic Chiptune producer, Chris Sinnott, who did an exceptional job with minimal direction,” said Rakesh Ram, AppDemon Founder.

Swoopy Space

Swoopy Space is currently available for download on iOS with an Android version coming soon also.

It is always awesome to see Buildbox made games like Swoopy Space dominating the charts. Congrats to the teams at AppDemon & Umbrella Games on their success.

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