Submit Your Buildbox + Cure Leukaemia Game Jam Entry by June 10th!

By June 6, 2024Buildbox

Attention game jam participants!

We hope you’re enjoying the creative process of the Buildbox + Cure Leukaemia Game Jam. As we near the end of this exciting game jam challenge, we want to remind you that the submission deadline is just around the corner. 

You have until June 10th by Midnight PST to submit your game.

This game jam is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity while contributing to a noble cause. Your task is to develop a game that embodies the theme of curing leukaemia, raising awareness and inspiring action through your innovative designs.

Preparing Your Game Jam Submission

As the deadline approaches, here are a few tips to help you make the most of these final days:

  1. Polish Your Game: Use this time to fine-tune your game mechanics, graphics, and overall user experience. Pay attention to details that can enhance the player’s engagement and enjoyment.
  2. Test Thoroughly: Ensure that your game runs smoothly without any bugs. Conduct playtests and gather feedback to make necessary improvements.
  3. Incorporate the Theme: Make sure your game clearly follows the theme of curing leukaemia. This is a critical criterion for the competition.
  4. Include the Cure Leukaemia Logo: Don’t forget to integrate the Cure Leukaemia logo into your game. This is a requirement for all submissions.

If your game is ready, you can submit it now using the submission form. Remember, you can submit more than one game if you have multiple entries. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your versatility, creativity, and win some great prizes. 

For those still working on their games, don’t worry! 

There’s still time to refine your project. Utilize the available resources on our Game Jam Page and Learning Center to enhance your game development process.

We are incredibly excited to see your final creations and how they contribute to raising awareness for leukaemia. Your participation in this game jam not only highlights your talent but also supports a meaningful cause.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Let’s make a difference together!

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