StoryGames AI Bit Roundup: Best Visual Novel Games of the Week

By January 25, 2024Buildbox, Game Showcase

Have you tried the StoryGames AI tool yet? This innovative AI tool is a game-changer, quite literally, allowing anyone to create their own visual novel game in minutes. It’s like a storytelling genie in a bottle – except you don’t even need to rub a lamp; just answer a few questions, and boom – you’ve got a game!  

You can try out StoryGames AI anytime on our website, inside Buildbox Classic, or on the Buildbox World mobile app. Seriously, it’s never been easier to make a game with Buildbox.

This week, we’re rounding up the Top 8 StoryGames AI Bits (visual novel or choose-your-own-path games) created by the community using the StoryGames AI tool. 

These handpicked gems are the stories that’ll stick with you, challenge you, and take you into another world. Ready to meet your new favorite visual novel game? Let’s jump in!

StoryGames AI Bit Roundup: Best Visual Novel Games to Play

The Haunting Game

In the Haunting Game, you are invited to play a horror game on your phone through a mysterious phone call. To escape, players must solve riddles, outsmart ghosts, decipher messages, and defeat vengeful spirits lurking on the line. 

Kaduma Quest

If you enjoy cooking adventures, then the visual novel game Kaduma Quest is definitely worth your time. In this game, you get to help Chef Ladybug on a culinary adventure collecting spices and creating delicious dishes along the way. Explore beautiful gardens, mysterious caves, and the wilderness in search of spices. 

The Hidden City Of Robots 

In the Hidden City of Robots, you awaken in a secret metropolis inhabited by robots. It is your responsibility to find a way to shield your newfound allies from humans, outsmart their leader, and rally the robots to defend the city before it is too late.

Rise of the Cardmaster

In the visual novel game Rise of the Cardmaster, you play as a novice card collector who discovers a rare card and captures the attention of a secret society of elite card collectors who extend an invitation to a high-stakes tournament. Your goal is to master a complex game, overcome formidable opponents, and emerge victorious.

The Green Crusader: Saving Our City

In The Green Crusader: Saving Our City, you awaken to a citywide power outage. The mayor declared an energy shortage and urged all citizens to conserve electricity and water. Your task is to implement and promote sustainable practices throughout the city despite opposition from traditionalists and industry leaders.

The Sword of Destiny

Are you prepared to become a legendary hero? In The Sword of Destiny, players will undergo training to become skilled warriors and embark on a quest to defeat the evil warlord terrorizing the townsfolk and restore peace to the world.

Wolf Tales

In the game Wolf Tales, you take on the role of a black-furred dog lost in the wilderness. Your survival depends on making wise choices as you navigate dense forests, fields, and mountains while trying to find your way home. Along the way, you’ll unravel the secrets of nature and collect coins for added rewards.

Race to Victory

Who said visual novel games can’t deliver an adrenaline rush? In Race to Victory, players don the role of a skilled race car driver preparing for the most significant race of their lives. Every decision you make will determine whether you push the pedal to the metal and emerge as the champion.

We hope these must-play games will help you develop your own stories and take your game development to the next level. If you haven’t done so already, download the Buildbox World App and Buildbox to create your own game today!

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