Special GDC Celebration Sale Going On Now!

By March 20, 2023Buildbox

GDC week is here, uniting game developers, publishers, and enthusiasts in San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference. This week-long event fosters the exchange of ideas, learning, inspiration, and networking to help shape the industry’s future.

In celebration of one of our all-time favorite events, GDC, we are excited to share some thrilling news! 

For a limited time, we’re offering a massive 50% discount on any yearly Buildbox Classic, Buildbox 3, or Soundbox plan.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to level up your game development at a fraction of the usual cost!

This special offer will end on Sunday, March 26, at Midnight PST! So, act fast and make the most of this exclusive GDC celebration sale.

Your next award-winning app starts with a subscription today!

Get 50% Off Any Yearly Plan Now!

Buildbox Classic 

Buildbox Classic is a super easy to use 2D game builder that allows anyone to make 2D games and prototypes without any coding knowledge. Drag and drop your images onto the Drop Wheel to use them as a character, object, background, or action. Then change to make it your own. There are over 40 different built-in preset templates.

You can make platformers, puzzle games, shooters, racing games, and sports games regardless of your skill level. 

Buildbox Classic makes it easy to make your game stand out. With a built-in special effects library, you can easily add light effects, particles, and trails to any scene or character. You can also earn money from your games with our built-in monetization system, Adbox.

Buildbox 3

If you prefer 3D games or want the flexibility to create both types, our advanced game builder, Buildbox 3, is perfect for you. It offers many options, from the beginner-friendly game wizard to the time-saving built-in Template and Asset Library. Each template is a small, customizable game with a preset function, while Smart Assets feature preset animations and logic to help streamline the game development process. You can also modify their node layout or code.

Just like Buildbox Classic, Buildbox 3 features Adbox, enabling you to easily add ads into your games to earn money. Simply toggle ads on from any UI Screen to add them to your game. Adbox manages everything from ad optimization to payouts. If you have a Pro account, you can also add AdMob or your own unique revenue partner.

But wait, there’s more! We also offer a new audio software designed specifically for game developers, called Soundbox, available at a 50% discount!


With Soundbox, you can make your own original game music and sound effects. It has a huge sound library with over 7,500 audio clips and professional mixing and finishing tools. You’ll have everything you need to take the music in your Buildbox game to the next level!

Soundbox Includes: 

 – Unlimited Access

– Unlimited Editing

– Royalty free access to library of over 7,500 Audio Clips  (Valued at over $10,000!)

– Both Music & SFX files included

– Import & Edit your own Audio Files

– Export your files to .aif, .flac, .mp3, or .wav

So, be sure to take advantage of this special GDC sale and start your game development journey today! 

Download Buildbox!

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