Soundbox Is Back And Half-Off!

By February 7, 2023Buildbox

We are so excited to share that Soundbox, our audio software for game developers, is back and better than ever! 

Soundbox was created specifically for game developers to allow them to easily create their own game music and sound effects. With a sound library of over 7,500 audio clips and professional mixing and mastering tools, you’ll have everything you need to take the audio in your Buildbox game to the next level!

But wait, there’s more!

For a limited time, you can get 50% Off Soundbox or the Ultimate Bundle plan (Buildbox Classic Pro + Buildbox 3 Pro + Soundbox)! 

Are you ready to level up your game’s sound?

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Take Your Games to the Next Level with Soundbox

Stop wasting time searching online for free sounds, giving attribution, or overpaying for music or sound effect packs for your game. Now, you can make your own with Soundbox!

It’s easy to use. Simply search the built-in sound library, find the samples you like, and drag them onto the tracks. Hit play to hear how it sounds, then click to export.

Built-in Sound Library with 7,500 Audio Clips 

Creating original game music is just as easy. All you have to do is select the samples you want or import them by dragging them into the software. Then, edit and mix the custom loops and sounds to create a unique song. You can make everything from soundscapes to techno to retro music and more!

Mix And Master Sample Tracks Like a Pro 

Soundbox has tons of advanced features that allow you to create and edit music for your games like a professional sound designer. You can click and drag to time wrap any sample in real-time to make it really fast or long. The time warp control feature inside Soundbox makes it easy to mix and match samples, add new loops and layers while staying on beat. No previous technical skills or experience required. 

There’s a BPM grid snapping feature that will automatically snap any audio file you drag onto the ‘Creator Dashboard’ into tempo, so your track is always in-rhythm.

Soundbox also has full syncing, locking and pitch control features that allow you to easily tweak and mix tracks. It also provides volume fading, speed up audio without changing the pitch, panning, layering and more.

Export in Popular Formats

With this audio software, you can quickly and easily export your music or sound projects to popular MP3 formats, as well as Wave, AIF, and FLAC. To use in Buildbox, please remember to export them in MP3 format.

Exporting is as simple as clicking the export button, making it quick and easy to create amazing sound effects and music for games, videos, and other projects – the possibilities are endless!

Soundbox Features: 

– Unlimited Access

– Unlimited Editing

– Royalty-free access to a sound library of over 7,500 Audio Clips

– Both Music & SFX files included 

– And much more!

Are you ready to level up your game’s sound? 

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