Running Man Challenge Game Climbs the Charts

Yet another Buildbox made game has skyrocketed up the charts!

It’s called the Running Man Challenge – Game and was created by Buildbox customer Miguel Solano. The game is currently ranked #5 in the US Games category.

The Running Man Challenge – Game is based off of the latest viral trend called the ‘Running Man Challenge,’ which is a fun dance challenge that’s been catching on. Participants record themselves doing the classic dance move called ‘the running man’ while playing the 1996 song ‘My Boo’ by Ghost Town DJ.

The viral dance trend was ignited when University of Maryland basketball players, Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens, posted videos doing the challenge. After the first video other professional athletes from the NFL to the NBA started showing off their dance moves.

Now everybody is doing the ‘Running Man Challenge’ and posting videos on social media.

Running Man Challenge

Although there’s no cool dance moves in Solano’s game it does feature the same song and name as the popular craze, which helped it to quickly go viral. Similar to the game Damn Daniel, which was also made with Buildbox, the gameplay is simple but extremely hard. Players have to jump upwards to grab dollars while avoiding getting crushed by incoming platforms.

You can check it out here on iOS.

There are currently 4 Buildbox games in the Top 100 US Games chart: Color Switch, Running Man Challenge – Game, Trump on the Run, and Color Dotz.

Games like the Running Man Challenge, Damn Daniel, Bernie Sandwiches, and Trump on the Run are great examples of how you can use Buildbox to quickly turn any concept into a game.

The rapid development possible with our software gives users the freedom to easily create and publish to multiple platforms. Being able to take action before anyone else on a cool game idea or current trend can give you a huge advantage in the App Store. Whether it’s a popular figure or the next trending viral sensation, with Buildbox you can turn any concept into a game.

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