Released Today: The Buildbox 2 Demo

Buildbox Demo

We’re excited to announce the official release of the Buildbox 2 Demo.

This free demo version of our software will be full featured, giving users access to everything from creator tool to adding multiple worlds and more. With over 137 additional features, actions, effects and advanced options available you’ll truly get to explore Buildbox 2.0.

The trial will give you 7 Days of complete access to Buildbox 2.0. You’ll be able to dive right in and start building out your first game for free.

With Buildbox 2.0  you’ll be able to create any 2D game imaginable, without having any prior coding or programming knowledge. The software includes an intuitive creator tool that automatically creates a skeleton of your game for you. You’ll be able to quickly start building out levels with the option of putting in the graphics later or you can take your time building out each individual level. From within the creator you’re able to double click on a particular screen to open it for editing and at any time you can hit play and get an immediate feel for your game.

Create single or multiple worlds to expand your game’s possibilities. Choose to make your game as simple or as complicated as you wish. There’s also an Event Observer feature that makes it easy to add a countdown or timer into your game for more engaging gameplay. Create classic stage clear games like Pac Man or make players race against the clock to finish the level in time or destroy all enemies.

All the tools you need to really get creative is included. Completely customize your game’s layout and add fun interactive animations with the new keyframe animator. You can also create professional effects in your game like smoke, fire and sparks using the built in Particle Effect Creator tool.

From Crossy Roads style game types with swipe controls to 2.5 D adventure games where the character moves around via joystick, you can create a wide variety of games with our advanced component system.

Paths, portals, amazing light effects, trails and mirror effects are just some of the many features included. There’s so much more you can do with your game in Buildbox 2.0.

Buildbox 2 Demo Features:

Creator Tool
Multiple Worlds
Event Observer
Particle Effect Creator
Node Menu Editor
New Keyframe Animator
Character & Object Component System
Menu Jump
Swipe Controls
World Component System

The only feature not available in the Buildbox 2 Demo is the ability to export. However during the 14 Day trial users will be able to save their game and later on, if they choose to purchase Buildbox, they’ll have full access to export their game to any platform including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Steam, Apple TV and more.

Over the past 6 months, a trial version of Buildbox has been one of our biggest requests, we’re thrilled to be releasing the official Buildbox 2 Demo today!



Tiana Crump

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