Release Notes: Offline Mode, Custom Brainboxes And Much More In Buildbox 3.3.7

By February 4, 2021Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

We’ve just released Buildbox 3.3.7! With this latest update, our team focused on bringing one of our most requested features to the software, improving overall functionality, and squashing those annoying bugs. We’re super excited to show you what’s new! 

Below is a rundown of the new release, along with a changelog.

Buildbox 3.3.7 Update 

Offline Mode 

In Buildbox 3.3.7, you’ll notice one of our most requested features has been added — Offline mode. Yes! You no longer need to be connected online to start quickly building out levels in your game. With our new Offline mode feature, you can design your games without an internet connection. When you’re ready to export and publish, just connect back to the internet, and you’ll be good to go! 

Asset Group Folders & Improved Functionality

We’ve also improved functionality by adding the ability to create folders in the Asset panel. You can now select, drag, and add multiple assets from the Asset panel directly into a scene. It’s now much easier to organize your workflow.  

Create Your Own Brainbox With Node Grouping

With our new Node Grouping feature, you can drag a bounding box to select multiple nodes in a Node Map. Then right-click to convert selected nodes to create your very own Brainbox. There’s also the ability to change the selected Brainbox’s background color by right-clicking the Asset Node Map menu. 

What’s New in Buildbox 3.3.7

  • Offline Mode
  • Ability to create folders in the Asset panel
  • Buildbox Menu bar now contains a Tools menu for Worlds
  • Ability to select, drag, and add multiple assets from the Asset panel to a scene
  • Ability to drag a bounding box to select multiple nodes in a Node Map
  • Right-click the background area of a Brainbox to change its background color.
  • Right-click to convert selected nodes to a Brainbox
  • Teleport Smart Asset that contains a Teleport Entry and Exit.
  • New advanced node in World Mind Maps: Graphics Settings node that toggles image filtering.
  • All platforms now enable image filtering by default.
  • Animation and Label Node attribute: Billboard Mode
  • JavaScript API functions that do the following:
  • Return Script attributeNames()
  • Create a log entry every time the game enters and leaves a scene
  • Adjust the background music volume
  • Implemented Java callbacks for scene enter and exit in exported Android apps.


  • Opening a project that contains a single world will now open the Scene View instead of the Mind Map.
  • The following options have been moved to View > Zoom:
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Show All
  • Show Frame
  • Actual Size
  • Asset duplicates in the Asset panel now have the word “Copy” added to their name.
  • For Windows users, unavailable menu options on the Buildbox Menu bar are disabled instead of hidden.
  • Keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot in the Preview window is now Alt + S.

Fixed Issues

  • Moving an asset in the Asset panel will no longer place it at the bottom of its category.
  • Moving an object in the outliner no longer expands all outliner groups.
  • In the Outliner, dragging objects below the last one in a group will now place the object at the bottom and within the group.
  • Step Roto Move Brainbox now works correctly
  • Assets in the Ball Flipper template are placed correctly and within the Start/End points.
  • Exported Windows games no longer contain incorrect near and far rendering distance.
  • Exported full screen Windows games are now displayed properly with no bottom or top cut off.
  • Alt + S now works as intended to take screenshots in the Preview window.
  • Asset attribute values now update properly after selecting a new asset.
  • Exporting an asset will now include all attached FBX animations instead of just one.
  • Windows: Dropdowns in the Select Color window now updates attributes correctly.
  • Selecting the Infinite checkbox on the Ground Object no longer resets the length and width attribute values to 1.
  • Cancelling a multiple asset import now cancels all of the current asset imports instead of just one.
  • Restore Purchases now restores Locked buttons.
  • In the Outliner, hiding the Ground now hides it during gameplay.
  • Undoing an action after a tab has been closed no longer hides the x button.
  • Duplicating and deleting scenes no longer requires you to select them a second time.
  • Mac: Crash no longer occurs after rapidly duplicating a node in succession.
  • The Cancel button on the Save/Load window now functions as intended.
  • Adding a new mesh to a 3D Model node now updates as intended.
  • Can now change the color of text in Animation
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