Release Notes: iOS 14 Update, New UI, And A Brand New Node For Buildbox 3

By October 29, 2020Buildbox

We’ve just released Buildbox 3.3.5 this week! With this latest update, our team focused on iOS 14 compliance and improving navigation within the software by adding new features and squashing previous bugs. 

Below is a rundown of the new release, along with a changelog.

Buildbox 3.3.5 Update

In Buildbox 3.3.5, you’ll notice several changes to help your games comply with the new app tracking transparency requirements for iOS 14. A permission window for app tracking now appears when a player first opens a game on iOS 14. Ad network integration requires Xcode 12 to export a game for iOS 14 as well. 

Navigation is easier, with a total of nine new options added directly to the Buildbox menu bar. View project settings, preview, the animation bar, scene view, and access tools like the font editor all from the menu bar. Our new ‘submit a bug’ and ‘feature request’ options are also accessible there too. 

Use CTRL/CMD+Click to select multiple nodes on a Node Map. You can also select various objects in the Outliner with SHIFT+Click. You’ll also find a new Interval and Threshold action node, and more! 

What’s New in Buildbox 3.3.5 

    • SHIFT+Click to select multiple objects in the Outliner
    • CTRL/CMD+Click to select multiple nodes on a Node Map
    • Right-click menu on the asset Node Map that contains Duplicate, Copy, Paste, and Delete.
    • New action node: Interval and Threshold
    • Important icon next to the Asset attribute in the Debris Explosion node to indicate that no asset  has been selected.
    • The following options have been added to the Buildbox menu bar:
      • File > Project Settings
      • Run > Preview
      • Run > Preview Selected Scene
      • View > Animation Bar
      • View > Scene View
      • Tools > Font Editor
      • Help > Report a Feature Request
      • Help > Report an Issue
      • Account > Sign Out


  • The Project Settings and Font Editor buttons have been removed from the Navigation bar and placed in the Buildbox menu bar.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed next to each menu item in the Buildbox menu bar.
  • Help > Keyboard Shortcuts now links to the keyboard shortcuts documentation.
  • The Event Observer node’s name has been changed to Event.
  • Ad network integration now requires Xcode 12 to export a game for iOS 14.
  • A permission window for app tracking appears when the player first opens a game that is published for iOS14. 

Fixed Issues

  • Crashes no longer occur in the following situations:
    • When an asset has a Delay node connected to a Spawn node.
    • After Closing 3D/2D Worlds after editing them in Scene Editor.
    • After opening a file, previewing the game, and closing the preview window.
    • During preview when there are any camera animation nodes present in the World’s component Node Map.
    • After creating a new game while the current project has two active Worlds.
  • Clean Pyramid and Rock 1 assets no longer appear stretched during gameplay.
  • Playing UI sounds no longer cancels World sounds in iOS.
  • Linkers now work after loading from the checkpoint.
  • Switching between Portrait and Landscape orientation now changes the orientation of the Start screen.
  • FBX animations can now be accessed across all 3D Worlds.
  • Errors no longer occur in the Dagger Toss template after the knife hits the target during preview.
  • Creating a project with the Isometric Platformer or 3D Demo templates requires a single click instead of a double click.
  • The Camera object in a 3D World no longer appears in front of the Scene Editor view when using the mouse wheel.
  • The list of assets in the Asset Library no longer appears shifted to the left after opening and closing the Asset Library.
  • Entering a value in the Play Cooldown scene attribute and enabling Align Scenes will now display all scenes during gameplay.
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